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  • By George, it’s an above ground pool!

  • It is a rooftop above ground pool! One way to cut costs in the tough market!

  • An above the ground pool would be sweet, but I think it’s something to hide the huge HVAC units on the roof of condo/apartment buildings. Not sure that this looks any better, though.


  • Let me be the first to welcome our new alien overlords.

  • Greenhouse? (Or perhaps “bluehouse”?)

  • Yeah, it looks like it’s just a screen to cover the HVAC

  • I’m not sure, but maybe a rainwater catchment system?

  • Giant rooftop trampoline!

  • I live directly across the street from it. It’s simply a relatively fancy enclosure for the penthouse and condenser units. Curiously, it’s not visible from the building itself (the building has no common roof deck), although its oval shape is restated in the elevator lobby ceilings.

    Supposedly the blue is a protective coating which will be removed, leaving milky white panels which will be softly backlit and glow at night. I’ve actually become accustomed to the blue–it’s been that way for months–, but I’m ready to become accustomed to the milky white!

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