What Retail Would You Like To See At The 3800 Block of Georgia Avenue?

3825-29 and 3813-3815 Georgia Avenue, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

So there are two vacant store fronts on this section of Georgia Avenue that is slated to have some new development (see rendition above). It has come to my attention that there is likely to be a restaurant in one spot but the retail for the other spot has not yet been chosen. So here is a phenomenal opportunity to make your suggestion known.

Would you like to see a bar along the lines of the old Temperance Hall or Red Derby here?

Would rather have another restaurant or deli?

Or would you like some other type of retail like a garden store, hardware store, clothing store, or some other type of retail that I haven’t mentioned?

It’s looking like this section of Georgia Ave. is going to be hopping!

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  • What’s the timeline on this development? A couple years away?

    For the record, I’ll say bar. It’ll attract people who have never been to Petworth (they exist in massive quantities, believe it or not) and show them that it’s not a scary place.

  • a high end chocolate shop, that’d be awesome!

    or a community center.

    perhaps a music store.

    nah, how bout just another place to get a beer. belgian maybe!

  • hardware store
    flower shop
    book store – highly unlikely but I would still love to have one!

  • I guess the owners of that crummy convenience store aren’t selling, huh? Gosh, it’s hard to say — Safeway across the street is supposed to be expanding, so we don’t really need a new grocery. Maybe a restaurant or a bar would be a good option, like you say — or a hardware store along the lines of the one next to the P Street Whole Foods would be awesome.

  • Mmmm. I say gelato. Maybe a gelato place that sells beer, too. Gelato and beer, what more could one want?

  • A bookstore would be awesome.

  • A nice old used bookstore with overstuffed chairs and coffee.

    A pet store that sells Science Diet dog food so I don’t have to drive to Greenbelt

    Some kind of eatery that sells a food we don’t already have in the area.

  • Kalia –

    u can get science diet through the internet delivered to your door….or, PetSmart on Wisconsin and Bradley in Bethesda sells science diet….if you take missouri (military) to wisconsin it’s not very far.

  • They also sell it at City Paws (vet) on 14th Street and at Friendship Animal Hospital – call ahead and they will have it ready for you.

    I would love to see a coffee shop/bar ala Open City, Tryst, Busboys and a hardware store – preferably Ace in the chain of Logan, Tenley, etc – they are the best, most helpful, friendly hardware people I have ever met.

  • thanks oliveskinnednica! I appreciate it, I just looked up Military Road on the map and it doesn’t look like a bad drive at all 🙂

  • OR, kalia, you could stop being a dog food snob and just feed charlie something a little less pricey… left over chicken bones from sweet mango, pehaps?

    id like a book store/magic shop/apothecary as well… something to fill my curiostiy quota every other week or so. also, i think a decor kind of shop, something like go mama go, would be great to have!

  • I’d like a Bike Shop/Record Store/Brew Pub/Brick Oven Pizza place rolled into one.

  • I’d second the recommendations of either a brew pub/bar or a Tryst/Open City/Diner type restaurant. Even though we have Looking Glass Lounge just down the street–if you look at other neighborhoods and cities, it is the presence of MULTIPLE bars and restaurants in a neighborhood for ANY of them to build a sustainable business. Rather than compete with each other, the rising tide floats all boats.

    Also, those kind of destination/anchor businesses will make the more obscure choices (like a used bookstore or ice cream parlor) all the more likely and likely to succeed.

  • Oh…and another suggestion. A sit down restaurant that serves breakfast–specifically pancakes–PLEASE!

  • saf

    Hardware store. Please, Logan Hardware folks, come here and bring your hardware store magic. PLEASE!?

    I also love book stores, and would buy books from an independent bookstore here.

  • @ cupcake: try Domku!

    but yeah, I third or fourth or whatever the new restaurant idea. I love what we’ve got, but variety never hurts.

  • Bike shop / Hardware store.

  • Community Center. Just kidding. Sadly, I am affraid indepentant hardware and book stores are going the way of the passenger pigeon. It would be nice to have a bakery that actually baked bread instead of entirely diabetes inducing sweets

  • Bike shop or thai restaurant or another branch of Java Green. Prefer all 3.

  • coffee coffee coffee


    How about a bowling alley or drive in movie theater? how about stables? how about an independent record store? How about an ice cream sundae shop? How about a hippy leathercraft store? how about a vacuum and small appliance repair shop?

    What other kind of store do I remember from the 1970s that’s completely out of business these days… hmm…

    Every bookstore in the city is closing and someone wants to see a new one???!!! Check your calendar, you must think it’s before Amazon.com and ebay.com opened.

  • oh yeah! how about a coin and stamp store for the coin and stamp collectors! or a ROCK STORE? Does anyone else remember rock and mineral collecting from the 70s? We had this rock store that was insane when I was a kid. Model Kit Hobby Shop!!!

  • neener, i usually hate everything you say, but this time i had to chuckle in agreement. one can always hope though!

  • Put me down for a methadone clinic.

  • A video rental store. Sometimes I think of something I want to see TODAY not three days from now (i.e. like from Netflix).

  • – hardware store
    – sit-down (non-fast food) restaurant or two
    – brew pub
    – Chevy Chase bank branch
    – Chipotle or Baha Fresh

  • is it me or do we get asked this question like once a month? it’s always seems to be the same anwsers – hardware store, mom & pop coffee or food shop, bookstore – same old same old. but we don’t get any of it. instead we get a CVS, a healhcare clinic, and a new safeway…in 5 years. i’m kind of sick of these questions, they only seem to depress me.

  • pub
    music store (with instruments, not CDs)
    natural food store (Anymore, I never get sick of these)
    vegan pizza joint

    Most of these are just way too much to ask for – might as well wish for a magic wine goblet that’ll keep refilling itself.

  • New Hampy –
    I kind of feel the same way these days. I’ve never understood how there can be such a disjoint in DC between retail needs and (lack of?) entrepreneurs to open new stores. I suspect that in another part of the country, the residents would simply band together to open a coop establishment, but that doesn’t seem to be very “DC”.

  • “I’ve never understood how there can be such a disjoint in DC between retail needs and (lack of?) entrepreneurs to open new stores.”

    I guess it depends on who is defining the “retail needs.” It seems as if in these “transtitioning” areas, the newer, more affluent residents tend to see the neighborhood as being far more developed and attractive for retailers than the neighborhood actually is. If you check out some of the posts on the Columbia Heights Listserv from two or three years ago, when the contours of the retail development at the Columbia Heights metro stop were being discussed, you will see all sorts of requests for high-end, specialty stores (REI, Crate and Barrel, etc.). As it turned out most of these retailers had no interest in coming to that area because they realized that it could not (and still can’t) support their products. Retailers invest based on the existing demand and demographics in an area, not on the hope that at some point in the future after they have made the investment the demand and demographics will evolve in favor of their product. Whatever retail is built in this area now – whether you’re talking about a supermarket, a bar, a music store, or a high end chocolate shop – it stands the best chance to be successful if it is something that can be supported by the area as it exists now, not as it will look in the future when the people that can’t afford high-end or specialty retail have been gentrified out.

  • 1) Hardware store
    2) Wine/chocolate store
    3) Thai or Sushi restaurant

  • I can’t believe no one has suggested a gun shop.

  • Coffee shop/cafe with Wifi where I can escape to work on projects or meet up with a friend for lunch.

    A la Savory in Takoma (though their WiFi doesn’t always work.)

  • OMG sushi! Thank you AFC; however, I do agree with SG. There’s not enough incentive for certain types of business owners to head to Petworth yet.

    My vote would be coffee shop with Wifi. I NEED a place to sit and read that is not my house and that does not sell booze. If I want a drink I’ll drag my behind up the street to the Looking Glass Lounge.

    Neener, Beverage mania on 9th and Upshur has fantastic ice cream.

  • Given the pace of progress in D.C., I’d say you’re looking at 5 years before this actually happens.

  • Bar… and

    Mocha Hut (if that is not already planned)

    Who really wants a hardware store?

  • oh and a bookstore…but a big chain spot (just so it will last)

  • A Coffeehouse/Teahouse in lieu of Eat More Chicken.
    Starbuck in lieu of Sweet Mango
    Trader Joes in lieu of Safeway
    A bank in lieu of a check cashing joint
    ChiChi Restaurants and a gym on the 3800 block

    I going for the gourmet ghetto trope…

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