Uh-Oh Biddy Mulligan’s Closing For Renovations

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I know tons of people who love this place. This is of course the Irish Bar in the hotel off Dupont Circle. I think it’s a fine place for a pint but I don’t understand why some folks are obsessed with it. I used to be a Nanny O’Brien’s devotee but since they have new ownership I’ve pretty much given up on “Irish” bars. Any fans of Biddy’s out there? Where you gonna go during renovations?

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  • yeah i don’t get why peeps love it so. it’s a great location and good for an easy pint, but the food lucks lemons.

  • It would be nice if they could renovate themselves a Happy Hour. There really aren’t many (any?) compelling Irish bars in this town. Apparently, Belgium is the new Ireland around these parts.

  • Sentimentality, for me. Our wedding was at Jury’s Hotel, and we moved over to Biddy’s after the reception to continue our good times. Nice bar to drink at, watch the folks walk by, but I agree, the food there is nothing to rave about.

  • come on now. nobody likes the dubliner? Ill admit while there are a lot of irish bars around the food usually always sucks. but maybe thats authentic?

  • saf

    Dude, you were a Nanny’s person? Huh. We spent WAY too many nights there.

    Once in a great while, we can still be found at the Dubliner (generally too crowded) or Murphy’s (too touristy, but I’ve still got friends there). And we were at the Irish Channel not long ago to catch up with Brian Gaffney.

    As to Biddy’s – I’ve never loved it. I miss the Hotel Dupont and its fabulous lobby bar. They had a great happy hour, the entire circle side of the building was windows, and you could sit there with drinks and snack and have the BEST people watching.

  • I’m going to miss this place so much. Does anyone know where Robb the bartenter is heading?

  • Haven’t set foot in the Dubliner since the water tried to put all his friends’ drinks on our tab.

    The Irish Times still has the authentic divey Irish pub vibe down. Too bad the food stinks, but you don’t go to an Irish place for haute cuisine.

  • I’m a fan of Mackey’s myself…

  • Irish Channel is always a good time

  • I would give Nanny’s a try again. Since, the new ownership and management took over the place is pretty cool. They have Irish bands playing during the week and open jam sessions in the back during the week also.

  • saf

    Anon, the new Nanny’s is not pretty cool. At least, not for those of us who miss our friends (former regulars), our bartenders (why oh why did they hire Matt and then send him downtown>), and the music.

  • Pat Troys, down in old town, is a pretty good Irish bar. They have live music on Fridays and Saturdays; it’s a great place to go get trashed and sing drinking songs.

  • Didn’t know that Nanny’s was under new management. I wonder if the new owners still put ice in the urinals? Oh, and that sweet Latina lady who ran the kitchen. What happened to her? When me and PoP used to go there on Thursday nights he’d always get a bowl of her chili. Mmmm…

  • Dubliner is great if not too crowded; he patio can be lovely in the spring.

    Pat Troy’s (a.k.a. “Ireland’s Own”) is fine, but be advised it is the single most Republican bar in the region. If you like that kind of thing, hey, knock yourself out, and get a table in “Reagan Corner,” with thirty-odd pictures of the Gipper staring benignly down. If you think you might not have fun drinking with a hundred or so twenty-something GOP hill staffers, avoid avoid avoid.

  • saf

    Alan – the Bedrock group bought Nanny’s. Maria is long gone, we don’t know where to. I loved her chili.

  • No, I meant that I loved Biddy’s and I want to know where Robb the bartender from Biddy’s is headed…I liked Nanny’s ok back in the day but haven’t gone since they changed.

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