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Via DCist, ThePost’s Wire blog is reporting former DC Council Member Harold Brazil’s arrest last night at a Georgetown tattoo parlor! Insane.

The Post says:

“Brazil, 59, entered the Jinx Proof Tattoo shop in the 3200 block of M Street NW with two women, one of whom went to the back of the store to receive a tattoo, police said. When Brazil tried to follow the woman, an employee told him only customers were allowed in the work area, which prompted an argument and then a fight.

It took three employees to subdue Brazil before officers were called at about 7:30 p.m., authorities said. He was arrested and charged with simple assault and taken to the 2nd District police station, said Assistant Police Chief Diane Groomes. Authorities released Brazil with a citation and a summons to appear in court at a later date, officials said. Brazil could not be reached for comment.”

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  • I truly believe this is second only to Marion Barry.

  • what? who cares? Who really cares? I am so shocked anyone cares. He’s a FORMER council member. WHO CARES????

  • I AM SHOCKED that former council member Brazil would come on to this blog first thing in the morning after his arrest and post a defense of himself as “Anonymous.” NICE TRY Mr. Brazil. WE AREN’T BUYING IT.

  • why does it bother you so much that people care, anonymous 11:35? i think it speaks volumes to the corruption in the dc government that a former coucil member was arrested for basically being a thug… former, current, who cares…i would hope that the people representing us in the position would maintain a level of decency, respect, and civic responsability for the duration of their lives, not just their terms.

  • OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! My friend was there getting a tattoo…

    here is part of the email he sent me this morning

    Waking up thinking there were drunks in the room screaming about wanting tattoos, then peeing everywhere… Oh, no wait, that’s just Molly- lol. Not really. That was horrible last evening at Jinx- as I was laid out on the table, burying my head in the pillow praying the belligerent drunk didn’t have a gun or something- lol. What he did get filled in, about half of one side, looks pretty good; he said he’s going to knock some off the price for my trouble.

    p.s. Molly is his new dog. Apparently while the staff was holding Mr. Brazil he p**d himself

  • Just goes to show you how upside down the constituents must be to repeatedly elect a fool like Brazil. It just pains me that when you look at the gov’t of black cities, none function well. From Zimbabwe to New Orleans, black people have shown that we are incapable of running a city.
    Marion Barry
    Kwame Kilpatrick.
    Bill Campbell
    Ray Nagin
    Sharpe James
    Shirley Franklin-I heard her use the N word at a graduation speech at Howard U.
    Charles Taylor
    Willie W. Herenton
    Jack Johnson

    I could go on and on.

  • nate – Um. Jerks come in all colors. This country voted in George Bush twice.
    Richard Daley in Chicago, Dick Murphy in San Diego, I could go on and on…

  • So, so true. I wish some White Person would come to our rescue. There’s probably not one incompetent white mayor in this whole nation. And things ran so smoothly back in plantation times.

  • wow zero to racism debate in only eight posts! that might be a new PoP record!

    dont get me wrong i think you all have valid points and will gladly sit on the sideline for this one while we debate whether or not the citys black majority are responsible for our urban criminal & social concerns that perpetuate a popular culture of villany and thuggery or whether this is the remenants of a white dominated political social economic monopoly that has enraptured minorities and tricked “working class” whites into a endless system of white privelege (did i miss any of the tired old arguments we are always throwing around on here or would someone else like to accuse eachother or myself of being a bigot) NO? cool so we can all just go ahead and agree its PoPs fault for giving us a vehicle in which to display our unadultered opinions! sweet im glad we could all come to an agreement

  • that being said im entertained by any story which leads off with a former council member losing control of their bladder in a popular georgetown establishment

    thanks again to PoP for bringing me an endless suply of cocktail party fodder and of course its not REALLY PoPs fault

    personally i blame the parents (cue psa music)

  • I’m regressing to third grade (2nd? kindergarten?) but…Nate started it. That Harold Brazil seems to be a bit of a jackass isn’t a matter of debate. But everything is “proof” of black dysfunction to some people. Can’t a black man just be a fool without it reflecting back on all of us, please?

    Anyway, unfortunately, it wasn’t the councilman who lost control of his bladder, but a little dog caught in the middle of all the strife. Will no one think about the animals???

  • cant we all see the humor in this? its pretty funny really.

  • Hells yeah! The important unanswered question is, did he leave with a tat?

    Also, DC residents may have been “upside down” to elect the guy repeatedly, but he did eventually get challenged and beaten. And obviously he’s not taking well to retirement!

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