Time For a New VHS Player?

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You’re in luck. Bang & Olufsen, the high end electronics store, has opened up on 14th just north of Q.

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  • what recession!? $5,000 dvd players and $30,000 tvs. Sigh. I guess serfs like me have to stick to the out of box deals at best buy

  • Someone should have opened one of those casual eat-in/take out rotisserie chicken places in this location instead.

  • Is this really viable for the long-term?

  • What’s VHS? 😉

  • It would be nice if they did a better job of cleaning of the graffiti on the wall right by the entrance…

  • With the high price of gas and the media-percieved notion that people are staying at home more B&O’s marketing concept is probably: You’re not leaving the house anyway so why not sell the Hummer and put in a top-of-the-line a/v system to make ‘cocooning’ a joy?”

  • The sign on the door (which is visible, albeit not legible in the photo) requires customers to ring a bell before entering. If the retailer is compelled to adopt this sort of policy the first week it is open, why locate at 14 & Q? This apparently threatening Baby Boomer declined to enter just so he could browse the store to look at overpriced electronics. I’ll continue to do my browsing in the humbler confines of 2d Best Buy at DCUSA.

  • The customers who can afford it (it looks nice, but in my humble opinion design alone should not double the price of any given component – their quality is not twice as good in any respect) probably like the door bell. They can go next to the store that has banned cell phones. Or to Vastu – yeah it cheaper but boy do they fuck you in the ass when you go there – I’ve been there twice and BOTH times the guy picks up the phone in the middle of my sentence saying “sorry, I have to take this – he is one of our best customers!”. I say FY with that attitude. LIE that its your mother dying of cancer if you have to, but don’t tell me on my face that I am not an important enough customer.

    Sorry for the off topic rant. And FY, Vastu asshole dude!!!

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