This Is About As Disturbing As It Gets

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From a reader:

“As I was walking home today along 15th Street, just across the street from Meridian Hill Park, I happened to notice the crude but frightening makeshift weapon you see pictured: a half-brick stuffed in the bottom of a tube sock, which is tied at the opening. I assume it’s a simple bludgeon. Creepy. Someone could be literally killed by one whack with that thing.”

It’s painful to remember that we can live in a pretty sick world at times.

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  • wow! This was disturbing to see in a movie when they just used soap, but a brick and in real life…wtf

  • Tube sock scum. Sick.

  • actually guys, i think that might be a rubix cube inside that sock!!! oh boy, wouldnt it be hard to solve a rubix cube if the cube were inside a sock. that would be challenging. that would be a real challenge.

  • I guess you could look at it positively in that it was a gun. Maybe the Heller ruling is working. But still disturbing anyway.

  • Did anyone pick it up or notify the police?

  • Yeah, it can be a pretty vicious weapon – and I have the titanium plate holding my face together to prove it. The attack on me was 4 years ago, at the corner of Kansas and Randolph, around 6:30 PM. My understanding is that the criminal uses the brick (w/ or w/out the scummy sock covering) to knock the victim out by hitting him/her in the back of the head. The New York Times reporter who died a couple of years back (his family sued the city and the hospital because the EMTs and doctors thought he was just drunk and didn’t treat him appropriately) was attacked like that.

    I was lucky, my attacker wore courderoy pants, so I heard him behind me and turned just as he hit me. He got me in the left eye instead of the back of the head, so I was not knocked unconscious. Apparently I am not a pleasant man when I am hit like that, so both the attacker and his friend ran off when I began fighting back (I remember thinking, “they may kill me, but I’m taking one of them out first”); they never got a dime out of me.

  • wow cpt-doom…thanks for fighting back and being an inspiration…i hope you did some permanent damage to the bastards

  • FYI the NY Times reporter was hit with PVC piping I believe.

    More to the point, whoever put this weapon together, you think they’re annoyed at having an odd sock now?

    Good going CPT Doom.

  • Cowards approaching from behind in a group.

  • Unless you’re huge and completely sure your attacker is devoid of anything capable of discharging bullets or opening your skin, it’s probably not worth it to fight back. Even being knocked out is not the worst possible outcome, “robbery attempt gone wrong” often is.

  • Damn, that’s my corner CPT Doom :-/

  • Although fighting back may be a bad tactical move for the victim, it is a wonderful strategic move for society. Crooks should fear immediate retribution from their victims, not just the very remote risk of being arrested and convicted.

  • anyone who saw that weapon and didn’t call 911 immediately should feel ashamed!

  • Unfortunately, I never connected with either of them, but I was screaming bloody murder, including accusing my attackers of committing incest and being illegitimate (you can probably figure out the exact, non-family-friendly words I used). I am a pretty big guy (6′ 220) and that plus my rage were apparently enough to scare them.

    I know the conventional wisdom is that one should not fight back, and when I was held up at gunpoint 20 years ago (in front of what now is Whole Foods on P St, Logan was not as nice a neighborhood back then) I put up no fight (and yes, I still love DC, despite these two crimes). This time, though, neither of the attackers asked for anything specific, and I am still not sure if it was a robbery-gone-bad (for them), a gay bashing (although I’m not that obvious) or some kind of gang initiation. The police thought it could be any of those.

    I did check out some websites afterwards on how to handle violent crime, and they did recommend victims making a lot of noise and getting to a well-lit place, if at all possible (e.g., no gun involved). I ran into the middle of Kansas trying to stop a car for help. Interestingly, none of the cars stopped, but one woman did turn the corner and call 911. My yelling got the attention of a couple of neighbors, including a former Army medic (I ruined the poor man’s towel and for the life of me could not remember the address to replace it) who were wonderful about helping. For all of the ugliness of crime in DC, my experience afterwards was pretty warm and fuzzy – from the people who helped to the woman at the CVS who wanted to pay for my prescriptions after she saw the injuries, to the Holiday Inn in Georgetown that comped my sister’s room when she spent the night near the hospital when I had surgery.

  • Neener: what the hell good would calling 911 do? “Hey, I’ve got a brick in a sock!!” Its not bloody or anything. I couldn’t even get police to show up a couple weeks ago as I watched kids throw a brick at each other (smashing cars in the process).

    Face it: we’re on our own.

  • So is the brick in sock still on the street?

  • What a sorry state of affairs D.C. is in. I was beginning to think that the city was finally emerging from the bowels of hell after several decades of shiattyness. That is downright disturbing.

    I really don’t know what good calling the police would do. D.C. police couldn’t find their own ass in the dark, and plenty of them are either too lazy to care and/or on the take.

    Also: it’s very easy to say ‘fight back/don’t fight back’ but in my experience, at no point does rational thought enter the picture. There is only a split-second, primal Fight/Flight reaction. It’s really unfortunate that it is necessary to be on one’s guard at all times in this city.

    I don’t like violence any more than the next guy, but it would do wonders for our community if some of the thugs who perpetrate these crimes were to be ‘dealt with’ by law-abiding citizens protecting themselves from attack.

  • You never know how you will react when it happens. I was attacked by a group of 6 youths on Cap Hill who grabbed my bike while I was dismounting at my apt. They hit me and yelled at me but I grabbed my bike back and yelled at them and they dispersed. Still have that cool 1975 Raleigh Gran Prix.

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