Target Not Just For Tube Socks Anymore

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Thanks to a reader for sending this photo. This was taken today at the Target in Columbia Heights. I support the option but I’m still going to get my wine at D’Vines across the street. They gave me a great recommendation last time I went. Although, I now have a new spot for my box of wine purchases…

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  • I will always shop at D’Vines — Columbia Heights people we need to support out local businesses!!!

  • d’vines is not a very good store. Their selections are average at best and are overpriced by 25%. I understand the need to support businesses like this and if im in the area i’ll buy a bottle here and there from d’vines, but in general, best place for reasonable wine with a great selection is Rodman’s just off of Wisconsin.

  • Chacha- I love me some Rodman’s

  • Chacha, i couldn’t agree more. d’vines is overpriced and has a meager selection. i love Spanish reds and they come pretty cheap (a great red can easily be had for under $10) but their selection and pricing puts most around $12 or higher.

  • I’m a pretty big fan of D’vines. I like good beer, I like good beer in my neighborhood, and I like staff who will take the time to have a discussion of your preferences and prejudices towards an unfamiliar beer. D’vines may be a little more pricey than I like but I’ve come to expect that in DC; I will continue to frequent their shop and reccomend it to others.

  • I’m with Flipflopirate. All the wine I’ve purchased has been very good, and they give good recommendations. The staff is knowledgeable, and they have some great beer!

  • I agree with the pro-Divines friends. The staff could not be better, so nice, and always are willing to make a recommendation (which are always fantastic). Love it.

    (Although, cannot wait for beer at Target for those times you just want a convenient boring light beer!)

  • I like D’vines too but I think they would do themselves a service by stocking a little more in the $8 to $12 price range. When I buy “house wine” I’m shopping at Giant… no way I’m serving $15-$25 wine to a bunch of cretins who will gulp down whatever’s put in front of them.

    So I definitely go to D’vines for something nicer on occasion, but that represents probably 20% of the wine I buy. I’d go there for ALL my wine purchases if they had even a handful of budget-priced wines to choose from and were within a buck of what Giant charges for the same. But you’re hard pressed to find anything below 12 or 13 bucks there.

  • For decent cheap wine – $10 and below Super Fresh off Mass Ave near AU is tops.

  • For those further east, both Timor Market (2nd & Rhode Island NW) and Windows (1st & Rhode Island NW) have nice wine and beer selections.

  • I can’t put my finger on it, but there is something about D’Vines that seems a little too cold and detached. Something about it just isn’t that inviting. Their beer selection is better than average, but for some reason I’d rather drive further to find a good beer selection.

  • d’vines beer selection is straight and the prices are reasonable. and the staff knows thier shit. same goes for wine in my opinion. i will be checking out target to see what they have and how the prices are. but will always support d’vines.

  • I need beer at Target! Gotta stock up for that Halloween house party tomorrow (as do many others, if i recall from the recent poll)!!!! D’vines is ok but Rodman’s is great, and Magruder’s is better!

  • Schnieder’s on Mass Ave on the hill is great. If you go looking for expensive X, the staff will turn you on to as good if not better Y that is much cheaper. I would say most helpful staff in a liquor store I have ever scene.

  • I’m so excited about alcohol at Target!

  • My favorite is Cleveland Park Liquor:

    Their wine prices are great, they have a huge selection, and the staff is incredibily helpful and friendly. They also offer wine tastings!

  • Can someone explain what’s up with Target roping off stocked shelves? And what’s with the signs that say “please pay at the check-out lanes”? (As opposed to…?) Word on the Columbia Heights Forum was that their license was granted a while ago, so that shouldn’t be the issue…

  • I went to Target this afternoon and the ropes are still up. Not quite sure what the situation is there but looks like they are definitely not selling yet.

  • Ditto to what Ellen G. says.

  • They want you to pay at the checklanes and not, say, the one register up in electronics. Staff up there may not be checked out to “handle” alcohol, plus it helps prevent theft.

    Former grocery store employees represent!

  • For some reason, the wine in a cube at Target tastes better than your typical boxed wine. I am excited to see it come to Columbia Heights…

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