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  • i think thats Quebec St. right between 13th and something or other.

  • Looks like the street sign says Quebec.

  • is it quebaec or quincy? it’s one or the other.

  • I think it’s Quebec between 13th and 10th.

  • And for folks who know the street, word is that DC will put the abandonded house at the end of the block (10th) on the auction block soon. DC apparently owns that property. And Muriel said there is funding the in DC budget to do some work on the Raymond recreation center at the end of the block, which will add to Joe Martin’s work to cut back the growth that was being used for drug dealing.

  • Yea, the street sign gives it away…

  • Anyone know about the house for sale 2 houses down from the abandoned one? I think it’s 1005 Quebec Pl (you can see the for sale sign in the picture), but I’ve never been able to find a listing for it.

  • ACameron, very sorry to hear about your credit card. Anyway, I don’t know about that house, but I can try to find out. I also hear a rumor that there may be an attempt for a quick sale at the semi-abandonded house at 936 Quincy, just a block away. I think I saw it when it was on sale before, and it looked like it needed an extra $100,000 of investment, which is fine if the selling price is okay.

  • Thanks David,luckily the bank has been pretty easy to work with and I’ve gotten my money back while they investigate.

    The thing that bothers me the most about 1005 Quebec is they appear to have a crappy realtor who doesn’t list on MLS.

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