Sweet Street Scene

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This of course is located in Georgetown. Anyone know when the street cars stopped running here? It’s interesting that they left the rails in, yeah? Kinda cool though…

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  • much as i hate living in a historic neighborhood I think this is why it can be a really good thing. This is an amazing reminder of the past however much a pain it may be to drive on etc. Its also the same reason the guy with the outhouse in his backyard should restore it.

  • The last street cars stopped running in DC in 1963, but some lines ended earlier.

  • There was talk of bringing some back, eh? What happened? Or did we blow that money on baseball?

  • Note to cyclists – the “no bikes” signs on this street are there for several very good reasons: (1) riding on bricks is hard, (2) street car rails become very slippery in the rain, (3) bricks hurt way more than pavement, and (4) Georgetowners don’t know how to extend a helping hand to strangers, so they’ll just watch from the sidewalk while a bloody cyclist tries to untangle himself from his bike and an angry cab driver leans on his horn three feet from the cyclists head.

    Seriously. I won’t make that mistake twice.

  • I like driving down those streets, perfectly straddling the rails with my car tires. It’s smooth as glass.

  • The DC Preservation League listed the trolley tracks in Georgetown on their Most Endangered list for 2008. Here is the link: http://www.dcpreservation.org/endangered_2008.html

  • When I lived in Georgetown soooo many years ago there was no in-paving and the drive was very bumpy, you could hurt your car with those rails, unless you balanced your car on them. When a teen in the flatlands, to be naughty we would get our cars up on real rr tracks on a crossing and ride between little towns. Once a train had to stop for us and we were hauled in by the po-lice.

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