Sculpture of the Day/Woah, It’s a Museum


Well this was a cool find. Located at 2112 R Street, NW is Fondo del Sol Visual Arts Center. Sadly it was closed when I stopped by but I was able to pick up a brochure that says:

“Fondo del Sol Visual Arts Center is a non-profit, bilingual, community-based museum composed of artists, filmmakers, educators, and community organizers, who share a common dedication to the art and cultural heritage of the people of the Americas and the American Diaspora. Fondo del Sol maintains 7 galleries and workshops, and a significant collection of pre-Colombian, santero and 20th century Latino & Caribbean art, as well as selected Afro-American works. In addition the museum holds a major film and library archive.”

Sounds awesome. Has anyone checked it out before?

Hours are Wednesday – Saturday 1-5:30pm.


I also found a super cool house/gallery a couple doors down. Check it out after the jump.


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  • That sculpture looks like a ginormous vagina. wow.

  • Georgia O’Keefe would be proud and maybe a bit jealous!

  • My friend used to live in that Fondo do Sol place. They have a few rooms in the top floors that they rent out to foreigners through word of mouth apparently. Cool spot.

  • I suppose if every object which is longer than it is wide could be described as phallic, then the posted sculpture, and every archway, could be described as vulvar. If we’re being literal, however, I suggest the first poster either seek medical help, or be a tad more discriminating in his partners.

  • Anons I saw that as well. Of course just look at the void part in the middle….. sort of a 2 fer.

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