Sad News, Are You Sitting Down? No More ZIMA

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Ah, remember back in the day how joyous it was to make fun of friends who drank ZIMA? No more. According to the AP “MillerCoors LLC says goodbye to Zima.” Full story from the New York Times here. Fear not: “Distributors are being asked to put products from caffeinated alcoholic beverage Sparks on retail store shelves to make up for Zima’s absence.”

Now would be an appropriate time to share your ZIMA memories…

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  • I feel like my youth just died. Or my 20s. Or those earlier years of college. Or something. My favorite Zima memory? When they came out with Zima Gold. Like — first will take out the color from beer. Then will put it back in and call it a new name. And oddly have it sort of taste like a jack and soda.

  • Ewww.. wonder what they used to give that golden p color..

  • Favorite Zima Memory – Summer b4 High School Sophamore Yr., getting blotto on zima and miller highlife because we knew it was the only beer that my buddies dad wouldn’t miss in the fridge.

  • saf

    Many years ago, when we used to go to Bowie Baysox games (before the arrival of the Nats), there was a vendor who would always yell, “Beer here! Bud, Miller, Miller lite, Bud lite, Rolling Rock, Heineken, ZIIIIIIIMA!”

  • drinking Zima on the roof of Aron Hall with visiting French people who camped out in NY with me for 2 weeks… somewhere around ’94, that is!

  • I can’t remember….

  • About [email protected] time!!

    I had one in my life, I think half-naked girls were giving them away at some downtown bar where I used to get drunk after work in my K street days of yore. Nasty stuff.

  • When Zima first came out, my high school buddies and I were not quite up to drinking real beer like real men, and we were obsessed with the stuff. Surprisingly, this did not repel the girls, who likewise preferred the Sprite-like drinkability of Zima to beer or cheap vodka. That summer, my parents went on vacation and left me at home alone, where we had a Zima-fueled party that wrecked numerous parts of the house. The best was some girl (who, frankly, was way out of our leagues) overindulging and puking a pinkish mess all over the white carpet. Try as we might, we couldn’t get the stain all the way out, and it still is vaguely visible every time I go home for the holidays, always reminding me of Zima’s ample assist in elevating my social standing for the night. My mom still has no idea where it came from, bless her soul. (Years later, she also discovered at Christmas numerous Zima bottle caps that had been flicked on top of the kitchen cabinets from that same party, to which she only could say “I wonder where these came from.”)

  • Oh man. That does kind of bum me out : ( I can’t believe nobody has mentioned that phase where everyone was dropping Jolly Ranchers in them to add a fruity flavor! I’ve always been a beer guy, but I’ll admit I had my share on those nights when the kegs were kicked and I wasn’t : )

  • All I have to say is, “Zow”

  • When me and my friend Jorge used to create something (or zomething) called a “Ginzima”

    As you can guess by the name, it was gin and Zima. It sort of reminded me of a Gin & Tonic, but sweeter.

  • ugh zima. and yes Eric, I have def done the jolly ranchers in the zima, doesn’t really improve the overall nasty flavor or help with the fact that you get a tummy ache before you get drunk drinking them.

    Good bye Zima, I won’t miss you at all~

  • I literally remember taking a swig in high school long ago, saying ‘blech’, and that was that. Haven’t had any since.

  • Zima’s for pussies…

  • Thanks Darkside, for that insightful revelation…

    My friend Kelly used to put watermellon Jolly Ranchers in her Zima…. all this time I thought she made it up.

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