Rue 14 Clothing Store Opens


Rue 14 the clothing store that replace Pop clothing (above Pulp) at 1803 14th Street opened October 11th. The store features “Men’s + Women’s: Clothing + Accessories”. The store looks great and I’m particularly happy that this great location hasn’t remained vacant (like the shop next door). Make sure to check them out next time you’re rolling down 14th Street. Do you think this section of 14th Street will support clothing boutiques?



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  • if the store is half-decent, it should do just fine. i like their awning…as it shows that something is actually there. pop was just fine– but this looks a little cooler and a little more professional.

  • i stopped by on opening day to check this shop out. it’s a vast improvement over pop and a number of other independent shops that have come and gone. the clothes are interesting, quality, and reasonably priced. i picked up a great dress for under $50.00 that received two compliments within the first hour i had it on. on top of that, the owners and staff were extremely helpful. the sales girl even lent me her belt to try on with the dress! i will certainly add this boutique to my shopping circuit.

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