Return of Sweet Kitchen Renovations


A friend of mine had a big kitchen renovation where he and his wife had a wall knocked out and a bathroom removed to create an awesome open kitchen. He writes:

“As you remember our kitchen was about 4 by 6 with a nice bathroom between the kitchen and dining room. We decided to open up the entire floor and took out a wall that separated the dining room from the living room. That wall became the biggest issue because it was a load bearing wall and also had HVAC ducts in the wall which need to be moved. We closed in two windows – the bathroom and side of the house kitchen window — and then placed a bigger window on the back wall. We decided on recessed lights and a smaller set of pendant light because we felt it would overwelm the room. We also decided on white cabinets because we wanted to make the kitchen as light as possible to make it appear bigger. The granite we chose was called green galaxy and a mixture of green with white and dark brown streaks.

Our contractor was Harry Braswell and we liked them alot. they were middle of the road on price but we seemed most comfortable with them.”

I’m not just saying this because they are my friends but I think it turned out great. I suspect there may be some debate about taking out a half bath but in their case it was essential to create an open space.


After the jump check out the before pictures. If you’ve had renovations done in any room of your house please send photos to [email protected]

kitchen 003

kitchen 005

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  • Nicely done.

  • Looks really very nice, in particular compared to the before pics. We don’t have a half bath on the main room so I am all for making people walk up the stairs if they really have to go! Might be good anyway after a lovely dinner and dessert in that nice dining/kitchen area… 🙂

  • ok, just so people are perfectly clear, removing a bathroom from the home reduces its value and it’s potential selling power. Removal of any room does this, but bathrooms and kitchens specifically (though no one would remove a kitchen for the most part). In flipping one of the first things you try to do is pump up the number of full baths, so in MtP you’d see many houses with three full baths due to the selling power of that third bath. Under no circumstances would I buy a home with less than 2 1/2 baths. It’s a nice looking kitchen, but I’ll bet dollars to donuts that the next owners put in a bathroom.

  • I think the toilet paper hanging in the kitchen would have undone any value the bathroom added.

  • That asshole guy on that House Flip show said in an interview the most important room to upgrade first is the kitchen. Then the master bedroom. He said people prefer to have less bedrooms for larger ones, and to also have a set master bathroom.

    I think this kitchen looks really nice with all the open space. Did you by any chance keep the tiles or pieces from the old kitchen?

  • This awesome and gives me great hope for the future of my tiny kitchen. Someday, someday. (P.S. POP, I love this feature!)

  • Kslia, In the Apprentice when a team combined two bedrooms into one amazing master bedroom, Trump went into a rage and they lost.

  • I bought a fully renovated standard rowhouse and am very happy that there is a great coat/storage closet on 1st floor instead of a tiny powder room. As far as developers forcing the many bathrooms, the days of house flipping are over for now.

  • Angryetc., second that. And Neener is in general right, but I would think in this case the kitchen reno far outweighs the value lost in getting rid of the powder room aka shit closet. 🙂

  • As far as developers forcing the many bathrooms, the days of house flipping are over for now.
    as if

    check out what’s going on in Prince William County- they’re going full steam ahead.

  • Wayy to kill your re-sale value. First floor bathrooms are a precious commodity in this neighborhood since most houses weren’t originally built with them. I hope you plan on living there forever.

  • I don’t think it’s as bad as all that. Not EVERY home buyer is looking for exactly the same thing, and the “before” was pretty horrid — something had to be done I understand the concern about removing rooms, but I don’t think it spells total doom.

    I love the kitchen.

  • Taking out the bathroom was major concern of ours and probably delayed the project for a year as we tried to think of ways of either saving the bathroom, relocating it, or removing it. We understood that it could possibly hurt our resalve value down the road by taking the bathroom out but we have two full ones – one the second floor and one in our basement.

    Our original plan was to add an addition on to our home that would have included relocating the bathroom, extending the kitchen and adding a family room but we were looking at a timeframe of 5-10 years before we could even get the money together for it – it was estimated that the addition would have come in over 200K and our kitchen was considerable less.

    Whereas after 5 years the kitchen had become almost unliveable. You couldn’t open the dishwasher and the oven at the same time because they faced each other and would hit if they were opened. The floor was a brick tile with recessed grout and was impossible to clean. The sink had an elevated garbage disposal which would require scooping out any food particles from the sink and putting it into the disposal. We figured that our long term goals would have to be pushed off and just realize a new kitchen would go a long way to making this house our home.


    We didn’t save any of the tile b/c it wasn’t our style. One of the workers on site did take it for himself.


    LOL. The “toilet paper” thing was actually a copper plate that the last owners reworked to use as a telephone note pad.

  • Hi Prince…thanks for showing off our house!

    Homewoner’s wife here- with my $0.02. We ONLY lost the 1/2 bath because we still had two recently remodeled full baths.

    Plus, barring something crazy happening, we intend to be in this house for well more than 5 years. In such a case, most folks recommend remodeling for what YOU want, rather than for the purpose of reselling, since we need to live with it. We could not live with that kitchen.

    We love our new kitchen and miss the bathroom on this floor only in the most dire situtations! When we win the lottery, find oil/gold on our property, or figure out how to save some big $$, we will add another bath on the first floor and maybe a mud room/laundry room in an addition off the kitchen, but for now we are cooking lovely.

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