Reader Submitted Photo: “Best treebox ever?”

DSC00932, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

The reader writes of this photo taken in the Shaw neighborhood:

“Yes, that is what you think it is growing in there. Ed. Note: Look at the bottom right corner beneath the flowers.

The miraculous thing is that this is not the first time I have had a find like this; last year I found another one growing nearby right between the bricks of the sidewalk. I guess people just toss their seeds wherever (praise Jebus).”


I feel so good in my neighborhood,
So: here I come again!
I’ve got to have kaya now

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  • it is just a weed, you know. doesn’t mean someone threw a seed. weeds are resilient and grow everywhere. that being said, can you please give me the address of that amazing treebox? i, uh… wanna take a picture.

  • Now that this has been posted, US laws probably make PoP’s servers subject to immediate civil forfeiture.

    I wish I were kidding …

  • I recently bought a house. Right in the front yard was a tall (I mean TALL) marijuana plant. To think we are fighting the war on a plant that will grow almost anywhere in any conditions is the saddest part.

  • wait, is there something wrong with those plants? i stole a few of the nicer, potted ones that i came across on random porches last may to give to my moms for mothers day, and i havent heard any complaints. in fact, shes already asked for more for christmas!

  • @nate – really is a shame that such a bloody conflict has been waged on the devil’s lettuce

  • Sooner or later, it will be legalized. But to think how many lives will have been ruined in the process. From a pure economic standpoint, it creates a vicious black market with NO barrier to entry. As we can see here, it is not difficult to get in the “game” when your product will grow this easily.

    There will always be someone to step in and fill the void when there is a chance for outsized profits. We have essentially handed over the regulation of this plant to the dealers on the street. They decide the age limits on who can buy it. They decide where it is sold. Who gets to sell it.

    Politicians can not be this dumb. I am just unsure who is most at fault here.

  • So Nate, was that included in the price of your house?

  • saf

    So nate, which one of you is NMB, and which one is the other nate?

    Because, Mr Boggs, that’s quite the game you’re playing with this information over on the MPD 4D listserve and the Petworth listserve.

  • That is me. This picture sums up how I feel about the idiocy of our drug laws. All the killings, all the people we lock up, all for nothing. I was arrested once for marijuana. Cops burst in my home (the wrong home) looking for a drug dealer (petty marijuana dealer living with his mom) that lived upstairs. Tore my place apart. I lost my apartment due to that. Arrested me for less than $5 worth of marijuana. It took 5-6 cops off the street while they were arresting me. Think of the resources wasted.

    Now I am on probation getting tested once a month. Imagine that. I am a professional. Never as much as bumped into anyone on purpose.

    Yet, this stuff grows unabetted on city property.

    BTW, please do not use my name. Thank you.

  • PoP,
    Here is the response from Asst Chief of Police Diane Groomes.
    “thank you MR Boggs – these plants will be removed immediately by
    MPD/Neighborhood Services and an investigation will be done”

    Can you assist her by providing the location of these marijuana plants so that MPD can eradicate these plants and investigate who, if anyone, planted these plants on city property.

    I don’t know what’s crazier: the law or her response. Maybe she was being facetious since she did not ask where the plants are located. Hopefully they won’t have an All hands on Deck for this. But police have been known to stake out marijuana plants in this area. Earlier this year, a young guy was caught in Rock Creek Park for growing marijuana.

  • saf

    Uh, ok, can you explain how you don’t want your name used? Because I don’t see where I revealed any more than you did?

  • nate, the duality of your perception of the laws as “idiocy” and your efforts to get these rather small and undeveloped plants eradicated is, um, curious.

  • lower case nate is the one we have seen posting on PoP for awhile now. Upper case Nate is the newer guy.

    just like lower case christopher is my roommate who is often fairly outspoken and upper case Christopher is someone new who is probably a bit nicer.

  • Read Grimes email. Her chasing down a couple of plants is lunacy. Her even responding to a plant growing in a tree box is lunacy.
    That is my point. Marijuana is not the issue. It is the black market created by marijuana that is the issue. That is what causes the crime, violence, etc. Let CVS sell it since they have experience selling even more powerful drugs. Unless you can effectively minimize the supply, chasing people with small amounts of marijuana is foolish. Why leave the sale and distribution to the drug dealer on the corner?

    I can’t speak for Upper case Nate, but lower case nate is a pretty nice guy himself.



  • saf

    Uppercase Christopher isn’t new – he just used to post under his blog name, “inaudible nonsense.”

  • The city is now safe: this afternoon the police removed the offending weed from the treebox. (The little sidewalk offender was trampled to death by pedestrians last year.)

    I’m sure that you are all breathing a huge sigh of relief.

  • hes kind of new then, right? well, whatever..just dont compare our respective levels of niceness…or else!

  • Phew. Safe from the demon weed.

    The concept of a “taboo plant” is so damn primitive. Hard to believe this is the 21st century.

  • If the MPD is now doing lawn care, I should ring them up and get them to work. What a tremendous waste of tax dollars.

  • Nate: If police entered your premises with a warrant for another property and ended up arresting you, any half decent lawyer should have been able to get the charges against you thrown out.

    Speaking of taking cops off the street, it seems that every time I drive by the DCUSA mall there are a dozen or so cops with their cruisers parked outside due to whatever bomb threat has been called in that day.

    I’ve often wondered whether thugs call in those bomb threats so that all the cops in the city swarm 14th St. and leave the rest of the area unprotected.

  • The fact that nate is so upset about what unfortunately happened to him doesn’t mean he needed to go all out and report to the mpd list about something so silly, as to prove some point. I would have rather enjoyed coming across that planting strip one day and having a laugh. It would have died sooner than later given that the first frost is soon upon us. what a party pooper!

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