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This house on 1841 Park Road, NW was a house of the day back in December. A true classic from Mount Pleasant. So obviously this isn’t really a good deal or not post, it’s more like a check out some cool house porn post.

The flier says:

“An exquisite & significant historic property (1906). Beautifully preserved by only 2 owners for nearly 100 years, pristinely restored/renovated/expanded by the current owners between 2001 & 2003. Gorgeous gardens, fabulous 2-story carriage house/stables w/ 2-car parking, 2 lower level units, stunning original details.”

More photos and info here.

You have to check out the photos. And the price for this 7 bedroom, 5.5 bathroom mansion – $3,250,000. Ah, to dream…

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  • WOW! I would be happy just living in that breakfast nook.

  • Finally a house worthy of purchase – my minimum criterion has always been a place for a grand piano in the entrance foyer.

  • Yeah, even though I’d have to win the Powerball (a big jackpot, at that) to afford that place, I’ve walked/driven by it for years and always wondered what it was like on the inside. It’s even better than I imagined. Tough to say this about a 3.25 million price, but I actually think it’s a good deal. There just aren’t many houses like that around, and this one looks in great shape. Plus, if you can afford the price, you probably can afford private school, a good security system, etc., which is the typical knock on these super-nice houses.

  • Wow. What a lovely house – seems to have it all. Can’t imagine furnishing it though….

  • Quincy St Neighbor

    WOW! WANT! If I could, I’d totally snatch it up. I’ve long wondered what it’s like inside. Would be hard to imagine just a single guy living there. But the ballroom would be great for dance off partays!

  • That house came on the market in 1997 or 1998. Asking price was $850K, about what a typical 4+ br townhouse in Mt. P goes for now.

    There’s no way in hell they’re getting over 3 mil for a house in Mt. Pleasant right now. You can’t even get that for a mansion in Cabin John any more.

  • Isn’t that Linda Low’s house? What, is she upgrading?

  • Hers is next door. This one belongs to some former DC politician… can’t remember her name off the top of my head. School board or something?

  • Before I even read your post PoP I drooled over the photo and the address and thought, I am so turned on by that house right now. The “porn” comment made me feel better that I am not the only one.

  • I am pretty sure the owner paid $900k for it and sat on gas line upgrades for years before they could flip it. I am hoping that a major Obama appointee moves in.

  • What the…?? I just did a tax assessment search and 1841 Park Road is not listed! Wow. Even 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is there. But the Internets reveal all secrets.

    Anyway – POP, this was your house of the week a long time ago.

    The house was purchased by James and Camille Barnett. Camille Barnett was the Chief Management Officer for the District of Columbia, resigning in 1999 leaving with a ton of money for her one year of service.

    Camille appears to now be the managing director for the mayor of Philly. Her husband was tragically killed in a car accident in January.

    The couple apparently restored the house over many years, and judging by the pictures, did a fantastic job.

  • I went to a party there while in college (’80-’83), when it was occupied by college-age house sitters or tenants, don’t know which. Only hung out in the ballroom. I think I liked it better when it wasn’t so “done.”

  • It’s a beautiful house indeed but I agree that its a bit overpriced for the area.

  • One of the nicest District houses east of the Park.

    Assessed value only seems to be about half the asking price, though. Still, it is an incredible property — priceless, in that no amount of money could replicate that jewel on any suburban lot. Good deal.

  • Well, I guess I’m the lone naysayer. I love this house on the outside, but the inside is hideous to me. Maybe it’s the way they have it furnished or all that wood paneling and heavy old looking drapes. I guess it’s just not my taste.

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