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  • I don’t hate them as much as some others do. They seem to have a crazy kinetic energy about them, particularly the yellow and green building. I kinda like that in comparison to the usual DC seriousness. It almost makes a virtue of their cheapness.

    Their advertising and web site are just plain obnoxious.

  • i love them but its going to be a decade before they’re all sold.

  • I guess I should like that it is different, but that isn’t enough for me. I checked them out just to see what they were like and found them boring yet odd. While it may look funky on the outside, the inside is like any other modern condo building. And the agent was desperate and creepy, told us over and over again that they will accept any reasonable offer.

    Also, me being gay and being with my friend at the time, he kept dropping hints how gay friendly it was, but trying not the let the even creepier straight guy with his shirt tucked in his underwear that was touring with us know. “8 out of 12 here are friendly, they are really friendly I’d say”

    Then the other guy, “Wow, exposed duckwork, that’s cool”

  • The smartest guy is the individual who lives in a makeshift house underneath the vacant car wash next door to this building. He has a entire spread set up with a chair or two and it is somewhat creative considering the limited resources he used to build it.

  • I just hate their jarring clash with those brick townhomes next door.

  • Why is one of those townhomes boarded up? I hope it is not city-owned. You’d think a prime location like that would be occupied and renovated years ago.

  • I agree with youdontknowme – the massive, blank wall abutting the old townhouses is atrocious.

  • Someone was holding out for a better buyout offer from the developer of the condos, I’m sure. Looks like they got the big eff yew.

  • The eye sore is to the left of the building – a boarded up car-wash, half-burnt down church from a fire earlier this year, a large vacant lot/building which is next to Howard’s parking lot that has another vacant, rotting building. Not appealing at all.

  • Is this the one near the 930 club? That would be cool… except that I’m getting so old that I don’t even recognize the band names on the weekly emails any more…

  • Its always struck me as absurd that all other local universities basically devour and ‘upscale’ their local areas. Howard of course seems to go the other way. How can an institution with such financial resources not improve their neighborhood? Its just retarded.

  • Howard Town Center is coming to the areas around the building, massive development

  • howard is definitely finally moving on upscaling things. they almost destroyed ledroit park by buying and boarding up buildings in the 90s but thankfully reversed that stupid decision.

    also, the vacant lot to the left of the Floridian was purchased by a developer for conversion into mid-rises like Floridian just before the bubble burst. It may be a while but it’ll happen.

  • can’t knock howard. gallaudet has done anything for the surrounding eyesore hood for DECADES

  • The website says “For full access to our site, including prices, floor plans, features, location”… type in your info… yet on the site I cannot find any prices. So…. false advertising? I never type in my true personal info on these kinds of sites anyway, but still…

  • anyone know plans for the triangular plot across the street?

  • I agree with Anonymous from yesterday – about the smart guy who’s set up his little one-man shanty town in the abandoned car wash next door. I rode by earlier this week thinking ‘what a fire-trap that guy’s set-up was’. Sure enough – yesterday I roll by and DCFD is just finishing up having put out a fire there. Careful where you set that hot crack pipe down neighbor! How much are they asking for the privilege of living there again?

  • I dub thee “The Flippington.”

  • Oh no… has Monkeyrotica escaped from DCist and come to terrorize POP? Be very afraid…

  • Weird. Post today on a DC real estate blog has an earlier picture of this development attached to a post titled:

    “DC Condo Prices Will Hit Bottom in Late 2009”


  • I love Duffy’s Bar/Restaurant across the street and hope they get some business from this place. It is usually pretty empty but the food, especially the fish and chips, are excellent!

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