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Lots of folks have been pining for a chocolate shop so I thought I’d inquire about one that recently opened.

Co Co Sala is located at 929 F Street, NW. Has anyone checked it out yet? Thumbs up or down?

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  • I didn’t like this place. I thought it was overpriced. A hamburger with mole sauce just isn’t that appealing to me…

  • It was hard to figure out their hours, they weren’t listed on their website and the option button on their phone didn’t work. I guess that’s growing pains, but we’ve heard about it opening forever, so that they couldn’t get their webpage done is kind of silly.

  • Looks interesting and I’ve walked by it frequently. I haven’t tried it yet because the economy sucks and I need cheap eats!

  • I went with some friends for a special occasion because we are HUGE chocolate addicts and we liked it a lot. They’ve changed their menu a bit since I went, but we basically got a few small plates to share (tandoori sliders were my favorite) and then each got a 3 course dessert. Almost everything was really yummy! Granted, it was a special occasion and I will probably never do that again because it is just too many calories and too much money. But I would definitely go back just to get dessert. I highly suggest the “main dessert” of tiramisu. It is three servings of tiramisu each with a different flavor, great for 3 people sharing!

  • The desserts are yummy! I’ve tried both the Xocolatyl and CoCo Grown Up tasting menus, the fiery hot chocolate souffle is delicious! The actual food isn’t that great….I recommend it for the ambiance and for special occasions.

  • I took my mom there when she came to town. We went all out and did the 5 course chocolate and cheese. I got Italian and she got Xocolatyl, and we ate half of our own of everything and then switched. She also got a co-cojito and I got the champagne flight. Very nice for a special occasion – maybe for a happy hour or some time when you’re not super hungry and can split something just for the flavors. Interesting decor (weird red wrap dresses and knee boots on the waitresses). GREAT tastes. Actually, the cheese plates were phenomenal and I had trouble deciding if I liked the chocolate or cheese better. The service was meh, but we left so satisfied that it was just a tiny detractor of the whole experience. The largest downer was the loud loud music. Way too loud for a 7pm dinner.

    I will be going back for their “hot cocoa flights” and other weird/interesting flavor combinations the next time a special occasion rolls around or somebody wants to go and split something. Their website was accurate for the menu, and you can make a reservation on open table.

  • Went there for dessert specifically and only. It’s great if you’ve got $20 to spend on a 3-course chocolate tasting, plus another $4 for a really good chocolate-tasting tea. Swanky interior. Knowledgable and perky server.

  • I went there for my birthday with a group of friends for dessert. The cocktails were great and so were the desserts. I recommend the cocojito.

  • CoCo Sala is terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Extremely overpriced with tiny tiny portions. For example, we ordered “Sliders” and only one small burger came on a plate. Are you kidding? This place is not worth the hype or the money. Get to that AKC chocolate place on 14th and S St NW place instead. That place is legit.

  • I went with some friends and split a few dessert courses. It’s not a place for dinner, but it is fun if you really like dessert.

  • Really nice place for a swanky dessert. But it IS a splurge. I don’t think I’ll be going there too often.

  • Best chocolate in DC is by delivery, http://www.thecacaotree.com

    No shop yet, but sooner or later . . .

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