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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Friday. So anything good happen to you this week?

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  • trivia night at looking glass lounge last night was pretty fun!

    the garlic fries were over powering though 🙁

  • My sketchy neighbor hit on my friend when she came to visit me. He helped her parallel park and gave her his number on the back of an empty cigarette box. Sadly, we didn’t see my cute neighbor but he left 5 bottles of veuve clicquot for recycling. Is this not a microcosm of CH?

  • anyone upping their home security in the face of the economic downturn? Anyone see the times article about the link between crime and recessions? How much does a home security system cost to set up and per month? Any suggestions Brinks vs ADT etc?

  • I was riding to work today and saw this house and was like, I’ve seen that before, but where and then it hit me — here! Doh! I ride past it everyday but didn’t connect it with my commute when I saw it on your Web site.

    OK, that’s my random post of the day. Have a good one all!

  • What will happen in Colombia Heights if Obama get elected and then assassinated?

  • I’d like to say something profound or at least humorous but I’m a little down today. Like many, my 401K has taken a huge hit this week and since I had one eye already on the finish line, I am more than a little upset to find that the finish line has been moved. Unfortunately, I don’t know yet how far away that finish line will be.

    Also I am worried over the nasty tone the election is taking. I blogged about this yesterday on my own blog (what, you don’t read my blog???) and tried to put it in a humorous light but I am very concerned.

    I don’t know if either candidate can unite the country after November 4 if this discourse continues.

    But my one happy note today was winning the PoP Photo Archives Caption Contest! YAY me. Even if my answer was somewhat based upon a very traumatizing IKEA furniture assembling experience I am happy to accept this award today! Hopefully, it has a cash value 😉

  • I know ADT is around $30/month. Anyone else know monthly prices for security systems?

  • vector is $45 a month for wireless and you can control it online

  • PoP, per my last rant a few weeks ago, I STILL can’t see the headline and first few lines of the first story when I view the site on Firefox – the ad banner is covering them up. I thought it was fixed, but now there’s a new ad, old problem.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    PetworthRes can you email me directly?

  • say what. that sounds cool. so you can be like checking your email before you go to bed and then hit the activate button and pass out? or check it from work you mean to make sure nobody is robbing you blind

  • And per other rants – home security. I have Slomin’s and they are great. Had ADT but the technicians they sent were so inept that they could never get the system to work properly. Plus ADT was $49/month and Slomin’s is $24.95/month.

  • having a YARD SALE tomorrow!

    near intersection of 14th and Randolph St NW. getting rid of lots of perfectly good useable stuff.

    come out! tomorrow – 9am – 2pm.

  • I share Herb’s sullen affect on the election and economy and pithy attempts at humor cannot provide relief. The word “folly” keeps coming to mind when I think about our times and condition. Very few have reaped huge rewards over the past decades, but many of us came to assume we were much less vulnerable than we truly are. The chasms that divide us seem greater now and what we thought were bridges between race, class and other sociological divides seem like folly – that they were never there at all. We walk into the October heat, buzzed by gnats and mosquitoes and try to quell the reality that our earth is heating up to the point of toxicity. Despite some sad days and mistakes I’ve made, I enjoyed the past 20 years of metastasizing folly and now feel we are on the precipice of uncertain and difficult times. But time will tell.

  • The online Vector thing lets you set the alarm and other things online and check it on their website. So if you have a cleaning person or a contractor come by, you can tell them their temp code and then when they leave you can reset the code. Also you can just check it if you’re bored. Or if you have the light option, you can turn lights, heating/cooling etc on all on the interweb so your house will be bright and toasty when youcome home.

  • What is the deal with the crime helicopters (at least I think that’s what they are) that circle round and round at random hours, usually at night. Last night I was lying w. my daughter trying to get her to back to sleep around 2:30 AM and there was one flying around for ages. Do they actually catch people this way?

  • The weather is awesome! Betting get in one more weekend of outdoor fun times before it all goes away…

  • I can’t get that effing song out of my head…
    Thanks, Family Guy…

  • Petworth Chicana-
    I know what you mean, as long as you mean “bird”.

  • Rant: Ive been fighting a bear of a cold for the last week that will likely limit my social calendar into this weekend and prevent me from a much needed trip home to see the family

    Revel: I had a short week this week followed by a short week next week and I think that ill be able to whip this cold in time to incite a substantial amount of friendly inebriated mischief amongst the neighborhood on this long weekend

  • I’m wondering right now when it’s appropriate to call the police over neighbors having a party with very loud music playing. My head hurts and I want to go to bed. Should I feel obligated to knock on their door first? Is there a certain time of night at which it is no longer acceptable to play such loud music? (10? 11? 12?) If I called the police, what number would I call?

    Alternatively, does anyone have any ideas for creative ways to mitigate the situation? The thought of water balloons just occurred to me (I’m on the 3rd floor, they’re at ground level) but unfortunately the only window from which I could get a good angle is painted shut — other ideas?

  • Oddly, you now call 911 to report crimes like loud parties (disturbing the peace). Sometimes the police come, sometimes not. One technique I’ve found that works – if the property is a rental, check the dc.gov site (property assessments) to find the owners name. Then do an online 411 search to see if you can get a phone number for the owner. Give them a call at 3 am to explain how irritating it is to be woken up by their tenant’s loud party.

  • Dude does anyone know where to spend a hella chill, flirtatiously fun, and relatively inexpensive nye in the district? i’m already over nye and its december 27th!

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