Pick Up Soccer Anyone?

New from the forum section: A reader has a few questions:

“First, anyone know where to find a game of pick-up soccer in MtP/Petworth/Columbia Heights? I’ve found a couple games elsewhere, but they are a bit above my skill level. I’m looking for a rec level game somewhere (not too competitive). Any ideas?

If such a thing doesn’t exist in the area, anyone have an interest in getting a PoP game together on a weekend or weekday evening (tougher this time of year, I know)?


Any interest in getting together a rec level co-ed indoor or outdoor team this fall/winter?”

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  • I have no idea of the skill level, but there are games going on every night of the week over at Harriet Tubman Elementary, @ 11th & Irving.

  • the field behind the tennis courts next to Bell High School (on 16th).

  • I think for the most part any game comprised mainly of El Salvadorans is going to be above the skill level of the OP.

    That being said, I would LOVE to have a semi regular pickup game of soccer with other people who are also bad.


  • i second rob…. i used to do pick up during lunch down at fort belvoir, and i was the only white guy. i have a 50+ yr old cuban running circles around me, so i definitely understand the feeling of ‘damnit, where are the other out of shape, heavy drinking, social smoking people who havent been playing soccer since they were 4?’

    regular pick up would be great 🙂

  • this could be fun. i’d be down for some pickup soccer. strictly jv level would be cool with me. first, my busted toe needs to get better tho…

  • -“where are the other out of shape, heavy drinking, social smoking people who havent been playing soccer since they were 4?”
    present. Think we could get in a few games before the winter? When I was younger I played soccer in Florida during the winter and can’t imagine playing up here. An ice cold size-5 ball smack to the face burns, burns, burns.

  • Awesome. It seems like there a few people interested in a pick-up game. I’ll look around for a spot, but I’d be open to ideas. I’m thinking Harriet Tubman at the moment – but I’m not sure what times it is occupied already with soccer. I will look into it though and try to post something here or in the forum. Since the sun is setting earlier this time of year, maybe an afternoon weekend game/kick around (with possible wonderland trip post-game….)? I’m cool with 3/4 aside if that’s all we have. Again, I’ll look into some options and post back here to the forum. (http://www.princeofpetworth.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1791)

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