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DSCN1420, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I had posted this photo in the past but a reader suggested I use it for a caption contest. I can’t wait to see the entries…

Your caption in the comments, winner (free PoP t-shirt) announced Friday.

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  • I ain’t got pot to piss in nor window to throw it out of.

  • Detrol side effects = chest pain, fast or uneven heart rate; feeling short of breath, even with mild exertion; swelling, rapid weight gain; confusion, hallucinations; painful or difficult urination; dry mouth, dry eyes; blurred vision; dizziness, drowsiness; constipation or diarrhea; stomach pain or upset; joint pain; or headache. Cost per month = $250.

    Airing wet mattress in the window side effects = nowhere to lie down for 8 hours. Cost per airing = free.

    Who’s the crazy person now, haters?!?!

  • mastercard jokes are so 2004

  • So kids keep busting out your 39×75 window?…….I have the perfect solution!

  • the standards of d.c. renovations hit a new low after the wilsons redid their family room to include a murphy bed

  • New quilted window shutters…..all the rage for “Joe Sixpack” and “Hockey Mom’s”.

  • If the mattress fits, you must admit.

  • After serving 11 years for removing a mattress tag Dave wanted there to be no confusion — he has been rehabilitated.

  • Murphy Bed 2.0 … Georgia Avenue Edition

  • Bed and Board never made so much sense!

  • Prince Of Petworth

    From Cory (Having trouble posting):

    “Dissatisfied with energy-saving Low-E insulated double-paned windows, George was pleasantly surprised with JC Penney’s new “Twin-Sized Black-Out” replacement window series which offers both superior insulating and light-blocking properties.”

  • Herb eventually realized he had been holding the assembly instructions for his Ikea Posturepedic mattress sideways.

  • The sign on the door says “Having trouble with mortgage and need roommate for my studio. Please be clean, sane and own a roll of industrial strength tape.”

  • Quaint, cozy, partially furnished 1st floor apartment, comfortably sleeps three four.

  • ahh.. three should be crossed out.. guess I cant use HTML tags.

  • From the windows, to the walls, till Lil’ John found a spot in DC he never really felt at home.

  • By October, however, it became evident that the new Urban Murphy Bed design was suitable only for more tropical climates.

  • I meant to type:

    “The mattress fits, you must admit.”

    Blame the guiding hand of the spirit of Mr. Cochran.

  • Much to their children’s chagrin, Mr. and Mrs. Ninja did not buy the virtual wall-scaling guide software for Wii.

  • House For Sale

    3102 ding dong street

    House is LEED certified with energy saver windows. Mattress material lets little to no cold air in the winter. Also, don’t be fooled with the cement floor with thousands of beer bottle tops laying around…the floor is in the process of being made of recycled beer bottle tops…new buyer just needs to finish about a 1,500 more beers.

  • It looks like little Sally complained one too many times about “monsters under the bed” so her parents eliminated the problem altogether. Tune in to Thursday’s edition of Prince of Petworth to find out what they did with the closet…

  • Bob took the meaning of “padded walls” to a whole other level.

  • “I’m sorry…but how cold did you say it gets in DC?”

  • The uptick in violence this Fall has some Petworth residents going to the mattresses.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Ed. note: This photograph was taken in Mount Pleasant (not Petworth).

  • I believe POP rejected my post, which was a very very lengthy, word for word “911 truth” conspiracy theory.

    his sense of humor and mine are on totally different levels.

  • Frustrated with their inability to outlaw Mt. Pleasant’s roaming mariachi bands, one member of the Mount Pleasant Neighborhood Alliance felt it was time for drastic measures. Unfortunately, it turns out the left window of his living room is just slightly wider than the right one…

  • Sorry, that should be “more narrow,” not “wider.”

  • Little Joey has dreamed of becoming an astronaut for sometime now. Once he learned that astronauts slept upright, he decided that he to would sleep upright.

  • Unfortunately, with no urine stain, the mattress in the window was useless as a security measure.

  • Columbia Heights Vampires Discover the Virtues of Posturpedic Mattresses

  • no bed bugs need apply

  • @ RD – Not knowing that actual mastercard jokes say “priceless” = priceless

  • a vote for Herb

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