Panda Express Looking Really Close To Opening

DSCN3780, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Located on Irving Street just west of 14th Street. A reader asked in an earlier post – does anyone know if they deliver?


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  • I’m somewhat surprised at how early they close!

  • I don’t like it!

  • Trust me, I love PX, but you don’t want to eat it after 9pm. Night terrors.

  • Gross….why couldn’t Mr. Chen’s open up a second shop there…

  • panda express is not gross, it is delicious. also, the manager Sunny is a great guy and a wonderful manager and generally a good human being. he’s really cool.

  • T-minus….diarrhea

  • A CHINESE person just said to me yesterday more or less this “Panda Express is a nice attempt to have a standardize menu and use fresh incridients in wok dishes”… now, please do note she did not say “its Chinese food heaven” but at least it sounds like its not ALL bad.

  • I’ll only eat there if I get to order my chicken wings with mambo sauce through 8-inch plexiglass, otherwise it just isn’t authentic DC chinese!

  • Mr. Chens, btdubs, has gone terribly down hill. It used to be my favorite, and now I won’t even eat there.

  • Sheesh — it’s simple: if you don’t like the place, don’t eat there.

  • Mr. Chen’s may have been good at one point, but its kind of gross now. What we really needed was a Meiwah.

  • This should have been a Yum’s (an Yum’s?).

  • Typically Panda Express does not deliver to answer the question. But there are really tons and tons of about equal quality of places that do. Trust me I get like 3 menus a week stuffed in my door.
    [By equal quality I would say that Panda Express is not the greatest. It’s your typical Chinese food buffet type fare but I eat it anyway knowing what I am getting into :)]

  • My favorite part about half of your pictures is the reflection in the glass… Panda Express is a guilty pleasure but I don’t classify it as “chinese food” per se.

  • I just went by there last night and a sign said it will be opening on Thursday. Get those plungers ready!

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