On Purpose?

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Why would someone remove the roof of their porch. Needs to be fixed? Get more sun?

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  • they do it to let more light into their house. i agree its silly and nowadays people have taken to putting in large skylights above the windows in the porch roof which is a much better option

  • They removed one of those ugly metal awnings, not a true porch, so this is an upgrade (once it’s painted..)

  • That looks like it used to be a real porch… those holes in the wall are from structural members and the brick column bases were for a porch.

    I really doubt someone would tear one down to let light in the house. I think in most situations it’s because it’s beyond the pale and removing it is far cheaper than restoring it.

    When I lived in Mt. Pleasant, though, I heard many people removed them in the old days (e.g. the 60’s and 70’s) for security reasons – that is crooks would climb up and break in through the 2nd floor windows which typically were not barred. You could easily go from house to house along the front porches. But I’ve never heard of that in recent times as a reason for tearing a porch down.

  • Isn’t this the house down the row from Red Rocks? If so, it had a weird arbor type thing over it, not a real solid porch. They didn’t have anything growing on it, it was just wooden beams.

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