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  • I hope at the end of all this Obama pays for the financial bailout. It seems like he’s raised enough to do that.

  • i was thinking the same thing actually… i know he told us not to get cocky, but this late in the game, isnt it sort of overkill to even have a fundraiser for him? if not, then i expect at least $50 worth of obama bux in my next stimulus check!

  • Are there no McCain/Palin parties at all? Just saying…

  • Supporter of the cause I am, but seriously. I think he’s got enough money already, folks. Throw an Obama party and donate the money to a good cause, plz.

  • That’s what I’m saying. I’d be pleasantly surprised if at the end of this week the campaign shifted its intense money-gathering efforts and said, you know what? Give to your local soup kitchens, give to the charity of your choice, don’t forget people in need as we go into this tough winter where everyone is feeling financially strained. It’s not that I think the guy doesn’t have the right to raise money, but dang. I don’t think it’s getting cocky to say that the main thing to do at this point is just vote.

  • Oh I agree! No need to run as hard as possible in this, the most important election in 80 years, because he clearly has it in the bag!

  • yes, because $75 obamatinis and yummy foods really get that message out there that obama is running hard… mccain doesnt stand a chance now that there are obamatinis and yummy foods available for $75!! why oh why didnt we have an event for john kerry, something with $75 kerritinis and yummy foods…maybe then everyone would have seen how important the election was and how hard he was running to win it…i feel like such an idiot now.

  • Its a fundraiser. To raise money. To be spent on the election. By Obama.

    If you think the $75 obamatinis are for the purpose of firing up those drinking them, you are kind of missing the point.

    Didn’t imagine I’d have to break it down to that degree.

  • Now that’s the way to make everyone want to line up to donate!

  • Last minute fund-raising makes a big difference for get out the vote efforts on Nov 4, for example, helping with transport from low-income neighborhoods or setting up resources to provide immediate info for people to know where their polling station is.

    Not saying Obama doesn’t have enough money already or whatever. But I would personally rather that every possible effort is made to get him in the White House, preferably by a clear majority to prevent any contentious aftermath.

    I seriously doubt that leftover money will be going in anyone’s pocket at the end. There will probably be a big show about it going to charity or something. Hopefully.

    And if you don’t want to, don’t donate. So chill.

  • M, that’s the way to explain things to people — without the side helping of ‘tude. Thank you. I didn’t know something about how last-minute donations are used, and now I do, and you didn’t make me feel stupid about it. (Except for the comment about needing to “chill” — I’m well aware that if I don’t want to donate, I don’t have to.)

  • In addition to M’s good summary of last month donations and GOTV, when Obama announces his fundraising figures for October, and they meet or outpace September ($150M), that deflates the other party, stifles their efforts at GOTV, lessens their turnout, and affects the vote.

    It may not be a big effect, but in places like Ohio or Florida where a few hundred votes could affect dozens of electoral votes, a few folks looking at how much BO rakes in, saying “Aw, heck with it, what’s the point”, and skipping the polls can make a difference.

  • But won’t the campaigns be reporting their October fundraising numbers well after the election? (I’m really asking — not trying to be snide.)

    It seems like the numbers for the previous month’s are reported fairly late in the NEXT month (which is why we’re just now hearing about September) so I’m not sure there would be a deflationary effect based on October fundraising numbers.

  • G for Good: The McCain fete is over in Virginny. They are serving “McCorn Likker” boilermakers and the entertainment will be supplied by Charlie Daniels’ lesser-known brother Festus Daniels and his band The Bible Clingers. Palin may show up to call everyone in Maryland a “commie” and talk about how she’s going to run the Supreme Court and the Senate with her new SuperVP powers. Should be a hoot.

    Guns are optional, but there will be a strict IQ test at the gate

    [wait for it]

    — all that pass the test will be denied entry.

  • Odentex has clearly already been admitted to said events…

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