New Traffic Lights On 14th Street and Apparently a Brothel


New traffic lights have gone in on 14th and Shepherd as well as Taylor. I think the one at Taylor is very worthwhile, not sure if Shepherd needed one too?

And in brothel news thanks to a reader for sending fromWUSA9 news:

“Two men were shot Saturday evening, one critically, on 14th Street near Quincy Street, NW in Columbia Heights.

Assistant Chief of Police Diane Groomes says the men were shot inside a brothel. Two females ran from the residence partially clad when the shooting happened around 8:45 p.m.”

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  • 14th and quincy? thats not our address…..

  • The brothel was pointed out to me once by the door man at Red Derby. It is just across the street, and apparently gets steady business. Wondering how, if the cops were clued in to its existence, it has continued to profitably exist.

  • Brothel? No wonder people watching outside the Derby is so great at 2:30am.

  • Wondering how, if the cops were clued in to its existence, it has continued to profitably exist.

    How do you think?

    About 3 weeks ago I was in a cab at 6am that got pulled over by the cops in north Dupont Circle. As soon as the cops saw I was in the cab, they waved it on. The cab driver said that cop was after bribes so he could buy breakfast and he does it every day.

  • @ Anon 2:41: Ever drive around 12th and K St NW late night or early morning and see the prostitutes out? They’re blatantly obvious and the cops look the other way or get paid to look the other way. It’s just how equilibrium is maintained.

  • Anon 3:30

    I drove through there one night and I just assumed that is how the girls dressed at the clubs now.

  • I’m just curious. Is it a predominantly Hispanic immigrant worker type brothel or is it multicultural (blacks, whites, etc a little bit of everyone)?

  • I am aware of the various prostitution spots around town, but believe that they have to be caught in the solicitation to be busted, and then it is just one person and one charge. A brothel tends to be a whole organization, usually involved in a realm of other nefarious stuff – drugs, money laundering, racketeering, so forth, so it would seemingly be a bigger bust to make. That said, I’ll take Neener’s premise that the cops may be just looking the other way, or perhaps even on the take.

  • The tv news just did a story on this brothel on 14th Street and it is indeed a brothel frequented by Latino men with possibly underage Latina women or girls as the prostitutes. I believe that in an apartment building near us there was also similar activity. We’d notice men going and coming at all hours, often with MD or VA tags on their cars, and never with women or children. I haven’t seen any activity there in a while. The news piece pointed out that these operations are highly mobile.

  • There was a very busy latino brothel/gambling house run out of a first floor of 4100 14th st. They often had a line out the back of the apartment. It was a ridiculous site…took the police over two years to shut it down. This was after two stabbings and numerous muggings at that address. I’m not sure anyone was ever arrested

  • Is this brothel different from the C&K Motel? The C&K used to be a “rooms by the hour” place which catered to prostitutes and johns, after some neighborhood pressure it supposedly converted to a daily rate. That didn’t help much. Mostly black clientele, not Hispanic. We had lots of meetings with police, who told us it was far down on their priority list.

    Toby, is the apartment you’re referring to on Oak Street?

  • Its not just the one place, there was this bust a few weeks ago:

    …and my friend who lives on Perry Place tells me that there is at least one other brothel openly operating on his street. Its crazy.

  • And yet another reason why the next Grand Theft Auto really oughta be set in the nations capital… hell you wouldn’t even hafta pay the writers, just have an intern leaf thru the police blotter. I can see it now: a bright-eyed young professional is overcome by student loans and bad habits and turns to the life of a ruthless criminal with nothing to hold him back but a heart of gold.

    …that being said, l definately appreciate the new lights as a pedestrian and as a driver on that block, but two so close together might have been a bit overkill.

  • I’m on Perry. I thought the one they shut down was the only one left. 1300blk, could your friend me more specific? Is it on the 1300 block?

  • Anon: I asked my friend about the bust I read about in the Examiner, and he said that he had seen the police during that raid, but didn’t know that the house they were targeting was a brothel. The house that he knows as a brothel is also on the 1400 block — from what he said I’d think closer to the 14th street end of the block, but I don’t know.

  • I live on the 1400 block. There was a brothel in the white house on the even side of the block toward 14th, but supposedly the guy running it was arrested and has not returned. However, when I get up early I do sometimes see suspicious activity around that house, like 5-6AM. I liver further down towards Spring Pl on the same side of the block, so I generally can’t see what is going on all the way down to 14th.

    There’s constant loitering all night on that block and the adjoining block of Spring Pl. Don’t know if it is for the brothel, drugs or just out of boredom. Good times!

    Your friend must have also been thrilled by the SWAT team raid earlier this summer.

    Thanks for the info.

  • I suspect we will need to attend the monthly police meeting up at 801 Shepherd to get infomration on how the police were tracking that location. That said, I have never seen such a police response in the neighborhood. There were dozens of official and undercover cars everywhere for hours. They pulled over one suspect car, but it wasn’t the one they wanted (that would have shaken me up, had I been the driver, but I don’t blame the police if that’s the make they were after). The helicopter went around for a long while. When I asked the policewoman at the house the next morning if they caught anybody, she wasn’t aware. Do you know?

  • it was a double shooting on the odd-numbered side of 14th between quincy and randolph. happened at around 9pm on saturday night…just in time for MPD to shut down the street and put a damper on my saturday night plans…
    still, after a year of living here, i had no idea there was a brothel right across the street from my building

  • The apartment building I was referring to above is at the SW corner of 7th and Varnum. It’s an older red brick building that has had its share of loiterers and other questionable types hanging around it, and men in a hurry to get into the building. So far, it seems calm, the times I’ve driven by it. Maybe if there were hookers, they’ve relocated.

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