New CVS on 14th Near V St. Looks Ready To Open

DSCN3747, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

But honestly what I think is the coolest is the great old photos from the neighborhood that they have in the windows.



More old photos after the jump.



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  • I was waiting to see how long it would take you to notice…This may be the coolest CVS ever

  • I hope you do a follow on post about long lines, rude service, and frequent pill mix-ups that possibly kill someone.

  • there is also a cvs (potentially?) coming to the lot right across from the ga ave metro, incase anyone missed the memo. it makes me think about nyc, where theres a duane reade on every other corner…when will the market for drug stores be saturated?

  • I would think it’s a lot better for the neighborhood to see more CVS locations opposed to vacant, boarded up buildings.

  • Let’s not forget that the 14th and U Peoples Drug was the first business sacked in the 1968 riots.

  • i agree that a cvs is better than a vacant lot or burned out building… but why do they keep springing up everywhere when it seems like there is a discussion to get business into the community every other day on here? im not opposing cvs at all, just questioning WHY is it always a cvs?

  • I’ll take a CVS over a bank any day of the week. At least people go in and out of convenience stores creating foot traffic, whereas banks are just a big pile of dead, wasted storefront.

    The Dupont CVS store has historic photos in their windows as well, so I’m glad that they are making it a trend. This is probably a good place to plug as well. Not much there on Petworth, but there are some great old shots of DC rowhouses (usually with a crashed car at an intersection).

  • don’t get me wrong: I love old photos. but windows are supposed to be windows, Not picture frames. we need eyes on the street, and people would much rather looks in at the store.

    gives a boarded up appearance.

  • To be fair, the first floors of these new buildings aren’t always the best place to put anything. Normally, the square footage requires a big tenant, and even if you divide it up into smaller square foot spaces, the layout is not ideal for much of anything. CVS probably has to put stock along the walls with the photographs to make the space work, so even if they didn’t put the photographs, you’d just be staring at the backs of bags of doritos, not “eyes on the street.”

  • I’ve seen several other CVS locations with neat old photos in the windows. There’s the previously mentioned one in Dupont, but also one in Eastern Market and another in Woodley Park. It’s really a great idea, and even though CVS stores aren’t exactly local businesses, researching and obtaining these photos really tie them to the neighborhoods.

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