New AA Sign on 14th Street

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I really support the mission of this group so no disrespect intended but if you put up a big new sign like that then those attending are not really all that anonimos. I’m just saying…

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  • That’s weird. I thought most AA meetings were at churches and stuff and there was NO sign. There is apparently a meeting spot in one of the apartment buildings on 11th street near where I live, because it does have a sign, but it’s a tiny little plaque. I’m with you.

    On the other hand, maybe this isn’t actually where the meetings are, but rather an administrative office of some kind. Maybe just public awareness and getting the phone number out there?

  • saf

    I came home a few weeks ago to see three Hispanic men who I did not know in the alley – and one was walking up to my cellar door. I assumed bad things. But they didn’t run and hide when I pulled in to the backyard to park. Now I was totally baffled.

    None of them spoke great English, but we eventually established that they were looking for the basement where the AA meetings were held.

    And that’s how I found out that the large groups of Hispanic men that had recently started appearing in the alley were people coming and going from a Spanish language AA meeting held a few houses up the block from me that I hadn’t known about. Hm, now the small sign on that back fence that says “AA” makes more sense!

  • Yeah, this is where the meetings are held. I thought the same exact thing when they installed the new sign (a month or so ago) — aren’t these meetings supposed to be anonymous?? Before the new sign, they had a pretty big banner in the window that said “Alcoholicos Anonimos” and listed the meeting times. So it wasn’t exactly anonymous then, either. In any case, this certainly is a good location for an AA!

  • Well, it’s a bit more serious than their old sign (which I loved, and took a picture of last year and am sad thinking is gone):

    Looks like they got a new door and paint job, too.

  • That sign is super-fresh, yeah?

  • Since I don’t speak Spanish this would have been anonymous to me until I read this post.

  • saf, that is news to me as well. Interesting.

  • Herb, was that a joke or would you really have been unable to figure out what that sign meant 🙂 ?

  • saf

    David – apparently everyone ELSE on the block knew. I’m just a bit slow, I guess.

  • My understanding is that AA doesn’t really have any centralized offices or administration, so that they can have little to no overhead. But yeah, the lack of anonymity is sort of odd.

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