Nehemiah Demolition on 14th Street

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A commenter had inquired when the demo was going to take place. I noticed a demo vehicle in the parking lot so it seems the demo will be imminent…

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  • Suburban design at its worst – in an urban area. Goodbye ugly strip mall and parking lot.

  • so, what’s going into this area? Condo?

  • That was my question. Thanks PoP!

  • olive – The plan is a big apartment building.

    Anyone know the deal with the gutted building in the background? I walk by it frequently and never see work being done. It has good bones.

  • A Trader Joes would be great there.

  • Anon@ 9:10: I agree about a Trader Joes! Part of me thinks it couldn’t happen with the Giant and soon the Yes! Organic Market nearby, but on the other hand I don’t think you can have too many grocery stores judging by how crowded the existing ones in the city get. And it’s kind of ridiculous that there’s only 1 Trader Joe’s in the District.

  • Personally, I think a Chuck-e-cheese will look fabulous there.

  • How about a Hooters? They have great burgers.

    But seriously, why on earth should it take so long to raze those buildings? They’ve been vacant for over a year, right? And fenced off for months and months. What could the holdup be? I’d think that everyone involved would be losing money while the lot sits abandoned and un-used.

    Agree about the building in the background. I hope the plan is to save the shell.

  • No hurry on the demolition; with so many units coming on line in coming months, they don’t stand to lose more money than they put up in the original land purchase. And they’ll have a very difficult time getting construction financing for the forseeable future.

    In 20 years, the gutted building behind this lot will be much nicer than any new-build on the block. Great old structure.

  • Speaking of demo. Anyone know when Sursum Corda and that mess in NOMA is coming down. I heard a ton a couple of years ago on the buy out then nothing. My wife and I love to check out the drug deals when we drive through at night. It’s almost a game.

  • Re: Sursum Corda, the much-discussed 2005 redevelopment deal fell through, but new developers signed off with the District on the project late last year. Last time I drove down K, the grocery store and some of the two-story dwellings were being torn down. I believe they have raze permits for the whole complex, and are supposed to be progressing quickly on the new school, with the retail and residential to follow.

    There are still some residents in Temple Courts, and it’s still a hot spot. In one of the few crimes ever acknowledged by the Post, two guys were killed execution-style in an alley behind Sursum Corda at 10am about six weeks ago. Where this element will go, of course, is anyone’s guess. Hopefully to Prince George’s.

  • They should do us a favor and take down the gutted building behind it as well. It has been empty for several years now and switched hands many times as people promise to renovate it into condos. Earlier this year part of the buidling collapsed, injuring one of the construction workers inside. That’s when they fenced it off, including the entire alley behind (which is a major inconvenience to everyone that lives on this street). In July, Jim Graham said he had spoken with the current owner who promised he had financing to renovate the buidling in a timely fashion. That was over two months ago and still not a single thing on this building has been touched. It is a blight on the entire neighborhood but no one from the city seems to want to care, even after the collapse. I suppose we should all just wait around until the building is so damaged that it collpases completely. In the meantime, it hurts property values and serves as a three story dumpster for people who can’t find a nearby trashcan.

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