Mural of the Day

DSCN3194, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Anyone recognize where this one is from? I got to say it – it is pretty dope sky…

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  • Now that’s a cool one! Hmm.. perhaps I should paint an extra room or two my house like that too…

  • M st and Wisconsin in Georgetown, behind the old Riggs bank!

  • It’s down in Georgetown. I like it a lot. It’s better than the Duke Ellington mural on U Street. That thing makes me angry – it shows Ellington as an old man, with wrinkles and gray hair. When he lived and played on U Street and at the Howard Theatre he was a vibrant, young man. I think it does him a great injustice.

    Seems like the guy who did Ellington is doing murals all over Columbia Heights. Now he’s doing one on the Boys and Girls club on 14th. Someone in the District Building must like him.

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