Most Bizarre Dear PoP Yet!

a fan’s furry fox costume, originally uploaded by

Ed. note: The fox pictured above is just some random fox I found on flickr not the fox cited in the below Dear PoP letter.

“So…on Tuesday afternoon around 2:00 I was walking north on 16th street, and around Q or R there was someone dressed in a fox costume. Or a wolf costume. I couldn’t tell which. Red like a fox, but up close, kind of a wolf face. Anyway, I’m splitting hairs. I’m just wondering if anyone knows what this animal was doing? He/she/it hid behind a newspaper box as I was walking toward it, and then jumped out at me, followed me for a bit, and then turned around and on to the next unassuming pedestrian. But there were no signs, no “handlers”, no obvious associations or reasons why this fox/wolf was on the prowl. Any idea?”

This is news to me. He’s lucky he doesn’t get beat down jumping out at people like that… Anyone know about or experience the same thing?

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