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I must have walked by this spot hundreds of times before noticing. It’s above the restaurant/bar Axis on U Street. Any fans of Axis out there?


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  • It’s got a good draft beer selection (Bell’s Oberon, Rasputin Imperial Stout, etc). I’ve only ever eaten the calamari, which I thought was pretty good.

  • horrible typography

  • I like it when I’m looking for a “normal” bar. I’ve eaten there a few times, at the bar only and its been tasty. The bartenders have always been attentive and amusing as well.

  • Never actually been in, but walked by there last Summer and heard some amazing live jazz. After seeing the beer list (thanks Chris in Eckington!), and pia’s assessment, I gotta check it out.

  • I agree, Axis has a solid beer selection and the staff is incredibly attentive. Good times, good times.

  • and a history lesson for you out there that don’t remember what this was before axis…this was the rose garden, and that paint at the top matches the motif that was down the front of the building back then

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