LZ Middle Eastern Restaurant – As Authentic As It Gets


I’ve written before that this spot is a bit hard to find on Florida Ave. just to the west of 14th St. I’m talking about LZ Middle Eastern Restaurant of course. And every time I walk in there the place is dead empty. I just don’t get it. The food is great, very reasonably priced and the owners are unbelievably nice. Also, as you can see from the photo above, you know the place is legit because they have magazines in Arabic. They also have a legit tea service. It would be a real shame if this place doesn’t get enough business to survive. It is not fine dining but if you don’t want to stay in the restaurant you can get your order to go as well. So if you’re looking for some good Middle Eastern food (I’ve had about a dozen Gyros that rawk every time) check them out and support a local business!


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  • Being in the midst of the most racist blocks in the US wouldn’t have anything to do with it, would it? Hmmmm, one wonders. The Chinese take out place near me regularly gets called ‘Al Qaeda’, so….

  • I love this place, and hope it maintains long enough to find a market, which it surely deserves.
    Try the Fedeyah (sp?) which is also amazing.

  • youdontknowme – can you explain why it’s a racist block? Just curious as I live nearby.

  • They definitely need better signage on 14th….

  • After 15 years in DC I feel quite comfortable asserting that our fine city has an incredible problem of sorts with ignorant racism blatantly shouted out in the street. Try being a scrawny white guy with a limp on Georgia Ave and see what you hear daily. I’m not saying its as bad as Selma 1962, but I definitely look forward to getting out. As for that block in particular, I’d again say if you took all the blocks in the USA, just by virtue of the fact that that block is in DC would rank it near the top 10 percent in terms of racism in the country. Try refuting that math! 😉

  • gyros aren’t middle eastern. they’re greek – mediterranean, if you ask a greek.

    they always do that in dc, and i just don’t dig it.

  • i grew up in the middle east and this place is great. amazing falafel.

  • Do they really sell it as a ‘Gyro?’

    In Arabic it would be called ‘schawarma’ and in Turkish ‘doner kebap’.

  • Everyone: stop what you’re doing and go to LZ. Order the schwarma and get some hot mint tea once you’re done. Go.

  • no seriously, why is that a racist block? It’s just quiet residential row-homes.

  • i thought their vegetarian falafel platter was gross… worst falafel and hummus i’ve ever had!

  • is there some official “racist block” organization or lobby?

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