Just Has To Make You Smile


In the world of the Wii, xbox, playstation and iphone it’s nice to see the kids are still playing good old fashioned hop skotch.

For those lucky enough to have one, have a great three day weekend!

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  • That’s actually a complex gang tag, mapping out the territory of various local crews, coded as numbers between 1-10.

    Just kidding, it is nice to see!

  • I forget what bank it was – I think ING … had installed a hopscotch sticker on the ground at the 18th and Eye entrance to Farragut West. I don’t know if its still there – but it was always fun and but a smile on my face

  • So right! Nothing brightens my day more than to see kids playing hopscotch or skipping rope on the sidewalk.

  • Is it just me, or am I the only one to notice that the digits in the “10” are in the wrong order?????? I actually thought that was what was funny about the photo.

  • unfortunately, the hopscotch sticker at farragut west has been replaced by an enormous floor-ad for the new beverly hills 90210.

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