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  • if you’re still looking for a good crepe, i recently stumbled upon crepe-away at 20th and L NW. it’s great!

  • I love L’Enfant Cafe’s Tuesday Half-Price Belgian beer happy hour (5:30-7:30 I think?); delicious Delirium Tremens for a mere $4/glass. Some of the wait staff is great, some not so great. Crepes are good, as is the vibe.

  • I’ll second the strength of the crepes, and most definitely the strength of the happy hour.

  • chez antoine in adams morgan was the best by far – but they closed 2 years ago 🙁 I haven’t found crepes in DC that were anywhere near that good ever since. I guess Bonaparte in GTown is closest.

  • L’Enfant was one of the first restaurants I checked out when I moved to the DC area three years ago. I had a crepe with bananas, strawberries and chocolate sauce. Good stuff. The crowd seemed pretty decent, too.

  • So, this past weekend at Eastern Market, I stood in line for almost twenty minutes to get a crepe from the guy outside the Lunch who sells his crepes wrapped in newspaper. I thought the wait was due to bourgie cap hill folks who have to chat and pet each others dogs while in line, but, in actuality, it was because his crepes are so delicious. Try em out, the newspaper packaging makes you feel very green.

  • L’Enfant has great crepes. The portions are not huge, but I like going there for a relatively light lunch that’s not heart-attack-on-a-plate. Of course often I do myself in by following up with a dessert crepe (nutella and banana!). And sometimes a Belgian beer. oh well.

  • Crepe Away at 20th and L is awesome. It’s a tiny hole in the wall, but the crepes are tasty.

  • I had absolutely the worst croque-monsieur of my life there and my partner had an equally dismal dish. The service was bad too, although I expected that given it’s a French bistro…lol.

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