Judging New Buildings


The Lacey being built over the Florida Grill on 11th street looks like the outside is nearly completed. I was told that 13 of the 26 units have already sold. The drawings on their Web site look pretty sweet. So now that the outside of the building is nearly complete what do you think? I’m digging the balconies.


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  • I LOVE IT! Division1 is doing a great job bringing tasteful, progressive, modern architecture all over the city…

  • liking it too. fresh building. They should spend some money painting and redoing the roof of florida ave grill though.

  • East Berlin.

  • heinous, totally ruins florida avenue grill’s charm

  • I kinda like it, but it’s still hard to tell how it’s going to look when it’s finished from the photo. I don’t like that it looks like it’s posting up the Fl. Ave. Grill, like Pat Ewing posting up Spud Webb.

  • Florida Ave Grill and the Lacey are both owned by the same folks.

  • I don’t really like it. Looks like a square glass box. Doesn’t match the surrounding at all.

  • looks cool, although modern living sometimes sucks if it’s they type where you can’t find door knobs. the balconies look like something i’d stumble off accidentally, for example.

    agree that the Flor Ave Grill looks out of place, but it’d all totally work together if they encased the old building in a glass box, like it’s in a terrarium or something.

  • Very nice.

    Someone has obviously never been to East Berlin.. 😉

    And they need to fix the Grill and it would look next to the Lacey.

  • I f-ing love this building!!


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