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Dang, I can’t remember where I took this photo. Anyone recognize it? Well, it’s definitely a new building and a pretty unique one. Do you dig the style?

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  • That’s on Marion. It’s ok.

  • Looked at a unit here when we were in the market to buy. The finishes were cheap inside even though the layouts were decent. The exterior does not match the general architecture on Marion (which is really cute) and both interior/exterior probably won’t hold up too well. Why would you mix brick colors like that?!

  • 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5………

    When are those rockets scheduled to take off? It’s a salt box with two paper towel tube towers topped with kitchen funnels stapled on and cellophane applique windows all held together with masking tape and pipe cleaners; something akin to a 5th grade architecture project.

  • The guys that built that were some of the biggest joke contractors I have ever seen. We live right behind there and had to deal with their mess for years. At the beginning they dug out the foundation then didn’t lay the block fast enough and they collapsed the whole alley. I will dig through my pictures and see if I can find those ones. They could have done those 4 units sooo much bette. The rear has doors but no decks. Thats probably why it took forever for them to sell but I believe they have all sold. There have been workers in the basement units for the past couple of weeks. Im glad people are moving in cause the crackheads were having regular parties down in the back area…

  • looks like they were trying to capture general rowhouse architecture but they failed. looks stupid.

  • I actually like the two-toned color but it does look funny with the twin turret/missile cones at the top. Looks like they have a nice roof-top deck (I can see flower pots hanging over the side on the roof). Also, apartments must get a lot of light with these floor to ceiling windows. Seems like it would have made so much more sense to create something that blends in with the neighborhood – sort of a rowhouse condo thingy – they do it in the suburbs all the time.

    Man, no decks – that’s cheesy. It is true that many times you can’t tell a book by its cover.

  • i have a question…

    how many people rent, and how may people own a home?

    it seems to me that most disgruntled folks actually rent their homes, when it comes to the negative comments about judging places.

    owners seem to be more positive…

    so what is it?

  • owner.

    stupid looking.

  • The house is fine, but man, that has got to be the world’s ugliest gingko tree.

  • I have a friend who lives on this street…she complains about the bad design, not aesthetically, but functionally. Apparently the windows at street level have gotten kicked in several times and though you can’t see it well in the photos, there are stairs down to an entrance belowground…lots of problems with drugs, prostitution and other sketchy action.

    Worst thing about this building though is that the first unit sold for around $750K and the remaining units, last time I saw were on the market in the 400s and 500s. I’d hate to be that first buyer…

  • PetworthRes your friend has it right that building has attracted the crackheads. The kicked in windows is a nice feature that really helps make the neighborhood super attractive.

    To be fair though the guy who bought the first unit has the nicest one. The outside right unit with tons of windows is IMHO worth more than the basement units. Also that unit was completely finished while the others are a little more “incomplete”.

    Oh and poo poo

  • Disgusting.. a prime example of how things usually go horribly wrong when a developer tries to “fit in with the old buildings around to make sure community likes it too”.. 🙁

  • This building fails utterly in its attempt to adapt to its surroundings. Hate it …

    .. and poo poo: owner.

  • saf


    Hated it.

  • horrid “design”

  • The biggest problem is the location. This is the place that faces the ghetto apartments near RI Ave metro/7-11 that is always full of trouble. No matter how nice, you’re still looking out the window at the local hood rats.

  • did they even bother with an architect? note to developers and even home rennovators: a good designer can make your project special and not break the bank. i can only imagine the choice of fittings inside.

  • Dc_publius you are incorrect this faces the back of Asbury Dwellings which is an old folks home. You might get woken up by the ambulances taking sick old people away, but the “kids” tend to congregate over by the metro stop (lincoln westmoreland) and on 7th street (Gibson Apts, Mcollough terrace, 1330 7th etc). Marion is actually a fairly quiet street.


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