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This is the newly opened Metropole located at 15th and P. I kind of like the left side which has some staggered windows. While I don’t love it, overall I’d say it looks pretty good. What do you think?

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  • I dig it, except for the orange signs which makes it look like Home Depot.

  • I think it looks like a Cadillac Escalade.

    By the way (and sorry to get so blog-promote-y), some people do NOT take kindly to poking fun at the Metropole:


  • I think it looks like every other condo popping up in DC *snoreville* I do agree with the first poster though, it looks like Home Depot with the orange signs.

  • I think it’s pretty fug. However, I am delighted to have the sidewalk back open again.

  • Not a fan of the orange brick… if they had used red brick (like the condos farther down P Street), I think it would be a lot better. And, yes, thrilled to have the sidewalk back after about 2 years of crossing the street.

  • The security guard who works in the lobby yelled slurs and threw a rock at 2 gay men walking by the building as he left about 2 weeks ago. Should be a blurb in the Blade about it on Friday.

    On a happier note, I too am glad to have the sidewalk back.

  • I don’t mind the building. I don’t care that much, because I’d never live there. I concur with Sammy in that what really matters is that the sidewalk is back.

  • oh yeah..that’s right….the sidewalk is back :). Sweet!

  • Well, looks better than I thought it would FWIW.

  • it’ll be torn down and rebuilt in ten years. for now, it’s better than nothing.

    just remember the name of the developers and throw rocks at them when they snoop around your neighborhood for properties to develop on a shoe string budget.

    more architects/developers need to leave the local community college for their education.

    that, or local residents need to make enough $$ to keep these crap developers limited to VA or MD.

    that’s all.

  • At 50% unsold, they should have refunded everyones $ and converted to rentals…just my humble opinion.

  • Like others, I’m just glad the sidewalks are back.

  • where is this? the old paint store? I haven’t been to that overpriced Whole Foods in a long time, I guess

  • It’s across the street from the paint store, which is still alive and well.

  • This used to be the site of the Duron paint store, which is now on 14th street in CH. There is another paint store across P street that is still hanging on.

  • Don’t be so sure this won’t be converted to rental. Isn’t it odd that the building is just about done, and they have not run a single add in the Post for weeks? And isn’t it odd that they don’t have an on-site sales office, despite having plenty of empty storefronts? Why have a huge opening party, get good press, and then do nothing to follow up? I’d be surprised if they went rental at this stage, but short of those hideous orange signs, marketing has been non-existent.

  • IMHO the 15th street side is different from most other condo buildings in DC, in a good way. Not as much a fan of the P street side but it’s not offensive or anything.

    But those signs…what? Not only are the orange ones fugly, but the marketing by dcrealestate.com (right?) has been cheesy and poorly done. That’s too bad, because the building has a kick-ass location and services. I think those will prevail and the building will get sold out…remember that before the bubble, selling 50% pre-delivery was great. About the sales center, even though they have that one at 14th and Church (one block away), I’m with you, Gumppner, that an on-site center would be much better.

    Oh, and Poo Poo: Are you joking in your negative (and ignorant) post about developers and community colleges? The developer has a Harvard MBA (doesn’t necessarily mean anything, but seriously!).

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