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  • The facade has that cold industrial 70’s look. I think the yellow top is like trying to put lipstick on a pig (or whatever)… it’s still ugly

  • A little black hole-ish that is not alleviated with the yellow at that top.

  • I like it, it’s kind of fun — but I think they need to add something to the area between the second story windows and the yellow section to tie them together.

  • I tried to rent the top two floors on the right hand side of this building, but I was never able to get a lease/application from the guy, and ended up getting a much cheaper place around the corner. Anyway I liked the balcony in the front and the back and the inside was nice, too, with cool architectural touches. I wondered whether I should be concerned about no bars on the glass windows and doors.

  • Different, interesting, cool.

  • The yellow balcony is awesome!!

  • That building is sick I think its like 11 units or something crazy like that. I got a tour from the builder a couple years ago when he was finishing it up. Nice finishes throughout, and some sweet units…Those balconies are super nice i never really see people out enjoying them for some strange reason…

  • I live in the middle of the three units that have the yellow balcony. The reason C doesn’t see people out on the balconies is that a wave of foreclosures has washed through the building (which is nine units, by the way). My unit sat empty for a while before I bought it not long ago. The one to the left in the photo was also foreclosed on and has been empty. The one to the right is occupied, but I’ve never heard or seen them use the balcony. I use mine, though!

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