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This one is located at the corner of 18th and R, NW. That top row of window looks pretty fresh, yeah? What do you think of the entire building – thumbs up or down?

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  • We saw the apartment in the top corner (closest to us in the picture). As I recall, it was three stories high, topping out in a semi-hidden rooftop garden with a little, glassed-in wetbar. It was remarkable, and very bright. It would, however, require a Toyko-like lifestyle, as the rooms were small. It had an oddly huge kitchen counter in order to accommodate the washer/dryer. Architecturally, I can’t recall if the curved rooftops match the Eastern Star building across the street.

  • Thumbs Up for squeezing in more living space into such a tiny footprint! Big believer in squeezing people in, b/c the more people living in the city, the more city services / interesting & independent stores / etc., etc., etc.

  • It’s such an improvement over looking at the yellow brick wall from the large building next door. Thumbs up.

  • I second anonymous’s comments — great, creative use of a tiny piece of land that would otherwise be wasted. I’m not an architect so I can’t speak to that aspect… but yes, more people makes for a more interesting, vibrant neighborhood with better retail, restaurant, and nightlife options.

  • We looked at the 2 bedroom unit in the lower left corner that is obscured by the tree. Has a really big patio if you’ve ever walked by on 18th. The bedrooms were kind of small but the place was great. Has really great custom cabinets all over that included all sorts of really neat little flourishes (a secret mail slot). It was a thoughtfully designed unit that made the most of the space.

  • These places were built in 2000 or 2001 I think. Before they were there the land was a garden area with a couple mature trees, owned by the apartment building. It was kind of pretty but at night I remember seeing some shadowy figures in there.

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