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  • I’m usually a knee-jerk hater of contemporary stuff, but this one has a bit of class. I caught this view a few years back…

  • But did you look down as well?

  • I like it, kind of reminds me of a big ship or a building with a glass ghost ship sailing through it…

  • LOL AM is right. Some nice surprises amongst the outstanding landscaping.

  • What? No pictures of the sidewalk in front of the building? That’s my favorite part!

  • beautiful 🙂 like what kalia said, it looks like 2 buldings merged together…

    whats on the sidewalk?

  • I love this one – could be the Crimson Permanent Assurance Building!

    Yeah, I like what’s enbossed in the sidewalk, too.

  • I can”t believe you didn’t feature the solar system in the sidewalk. Way more interesting than the architexture.

  • It does look look like the architect tried instead of pulling up the Design-an-Office-Building pre-packaged software program.

  • I am told they used to have a sculpture representing the sun at the apex of the building. All the embedded planets in the sidewalk orbited around it. I have no idea what happened to the sun sculpture. It was gone before I moved up here in 1994.

  • There are tracings/in-lays in the sidewalks of the orbits of the planets and solar objects.

    I had the closing for my house in this building, so not only do I like the design but it has sentimental value for me too.

  • I like it for its architecture, but also for what it houses. Can you imagine all the absent minded white headed professors and geeky propellerheads roaming the corridors?

  • I got my degree in Geology and as a grad student I scraped together spare change to pay my dues to AGU. Then I move down here and discovered where my money went! Seriously though it’s a nice building (and I’m guessing they got some sort of large contribution to build it).

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