Judging Buildings


I think this is some nice new construction. Thumbs up or down? After the jump check out a potentially interesting renovation.


Think the house being renovated will look like the one on the right?

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  • i think the danger with modern buildings is that if they arent done right they end up looking corporate. I would feel like i was going to work not coming home if I lived there

  • That’s what I was just going to say – looks cool, but like a small office building. On the other hand, it may be different from the inside.

  • um, it *IS* a small office building.

    there are a couple of these on georgia just north of RI Ave

  • Eric, I think the modern one is a residential condo on the 600 block of S St NW, but really close to Georgia.

  • Nope, definitely not an office building. This one on S Street, along with its sister building around the corner on 7th St north of RI Avenue (which is where I live!!) are apartment buildings owned by the United House of Prayer. I agree the architecture is a little cold on the outside, but they are really quite nice inside — hardwood floors, floor-to-ceiling windows in the living room.

  • Caro, thanks for the info. The United House of Prayer is quite impressive in its own way and good for some interesting pics as well.

  • From what I remember (it’s been a few years) they are quite nice. I had an acquaintance who used to live in the one you’re in Caro.

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