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Goes to this guy who tagged the Shepard Fairey Piece on 13th Street days after it went up. Nice job jackass.

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  • I was in Adams Morgan over the weekend and saw that the building housing Fleet Feet on Columbia Rd was tagged all over – on the brick over the row of shops, maybe 8 times, and in a very similar color paint. The same day I saw an a boarded up apt building on Sherman Ave covered in huge graffiti – same bubble letters as above, filled in with white spray paint. Jackass is right!! And it seems like the jackass is getting around…

  • Yeah, that’s a real exercise in douchbaggery, vandalizing someone else’s art with illiterate scrawlings.

  • I’m not trying to defend the person who did this, or justify what they’ve done in any manner. But are we so certain that Fairey himself would be bent out of shape about someone doing this. He’s all about symbol and that phenominological criticism and Heideggerian stuff… I don’t know, there’s something provoking about “unacceptable tagging” over top of “acceptable” public art and the reaction of folks to that.

  • I could care less if Fairey is bent out of shape, I am bent out of shape. me. the viewer. the audience. the only one that matters in the creator/audience relationship…

  • Wait. Neener. You COULD care less?

  • Actually, I kind of like the way the tag accents and emphasizes the original artwork. Kind of like Andy Warhol, how he would silkscreens broad strokes of color over the distinct lines of photographs to create a new, visually arresting image by accenting aspects of the original. This graffito is definitely one to watch, we’ll see great things from him.

  • Turdburglar, plain and simple.

  • Times like this I miss BORF

  • I like some graffiti. I hate all tags. And this one is particularly lame. In my experience, taggers lack the respect that graffiti artists (usually) demonstrate.

  • What’s particularly silly is that the tag is kind of hard to see on top of the other piece. If the tag had been on the virgin wall right next to it, it would be way more visible.

    Miss BORF? I miss Cool Disco Dan…

  • Do you think Fairey had permission to put his “piece” there? He stuck one in Mt. Pleasant too across from that burnt out building, him or one of his obnoxious fans. This “obey” thing was played out ten years ago, but he’s still pushing it, in public and on his website. At some point you’re no longer an artist when all you do is recycle your old crap. Ask the current theme-park-touring shell of the Beach Boys about that.

    Moreover, if it’s art at all, IT’S STREET ART! The anarchy of it all is the point. It’s not supposed to be protected or revered. If it was somebody would be housing it in a big ass house or museum.

    Spare me the mourning. No loss here. Just progress.



  • i’m in the camp with the people who don’t mind this. it’s street art, not something framed in a gallery. either you’re for painting on the outside of a building, or you aren’t. you don’t always get to pick what form that takes!

  • agree with whatever. clever, non-commercial street art is pretty awesome; commercial stuff that takes on the aesthetic of street art is lame. it’s basically advertising for the artist to build a rep and sell overpriced canvasses to i-bankers.

    Nothing against Fairey, but “street art” that can buy a poster, sticker, and coffee mug of is kind of lame. I’m sure such artists have some “reverting the system, man” excuse, tho.


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