Is The Salvation Army Affiliated With The Church?

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I really didn’t know they were a religious organization.

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  • Pop,

    I love ya, but sometime you astound me with your lack of history. The Salvation Army was based in the salvation of lost souls and is very much a religious organization. So much so, its had serious issues in attracting staff – you have to claim to be a good Christian – and resources because of its religious affiliation. The main reason this Atheist does not support them.

    A simple look at their About Page would give you:

    The Salvation Army, an international movement, is an evangelical part of the universal Christian Church. Its message is based on the Bible. Its ministry is motivated by the love of God. Its mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name without discrimination

  • 2 seconds on wikipedia would’ve answered this

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Anononymous 12:54am – obviously you’re not a golfer…

  • Not exactly without discrimination…

  • The word “salvation” should have been a clue.

  • Don’t drop off clothes or other used belongings at this location. They won’t take anything.

  • Don’t drop anything off here or at any Salvation Army. They’re the hateful type of Christian.

    Also, apparently the yellow bin folks are evil too.

    I take my stuff to the bins in Adams Morgan. Local charities (i.e. Bread for the City) are another good option.

  • i used to donate to the salvation army back home… everyone there seemed miserable in their faith and holier than thou in that twatty church lady kind of way, but it was better than throwing all my gently used crap away. now we have TWO beautiful new goodwills, so to hell with the salvation army 🙂

  • The S.A. are definately the hateful kind of Christians. They wont give services to people who are a member of the LBGTQ community are not christian and are racial minorities. There are little cards you can print out during bell ringing to place in the kettle to tell them that you don’t’ support their discriminatory practices

  • Eeeks I leave bags of clothes there all the time. They’re never open when I pass so I leave them on the doorstep and I figure if someone starts picking through it, then they obviously need the clothing so it all works out.

  • There may be better organizations to give to, but its just not true the Salvation Army will not serve gays, nonChristians or racial minorities. They are run by Christians and affiliated with Christianity, which comes with its share of baggage, but only serving straight, white Christians is not part of that baggage. There was a brouhaha a few years ago about whether the national organization would allow one region to offer employees domestic partner benefits, but they provide services to all in need.

  • They are hateful bigots. They have fought employment non-discrimination laws because they say homosexuality is against their religion and as a religous organization they should be able to fire or hire based on sexuality. Give to Goodwill or even better The Green Door, our Petworth neighbor.

  • There’s a musical: Guys and Dolls–that’s all about this woman who is a church lady in the Salvation Army, and the gangster she is trying to save, who is vaguely intent on seducing her for the fun of it. You’d like it, PoP!

  • What blows me away is that POP’s post means he’s ENTIRELY unfamiliar with the play or movie “Guys and Dolls.” DEFINITELY NOT Dope-sky and proving even more Lame-sky by the minute.

    Take a good solid month and read all the books that your high school should have assigned but didn’t. This is why people send their kids to private schools, so they grow up knowing Guys and Dolls.

    While it’s true that the Salvation Army is very very conservative Christianally, I mean it’s a freaking ARMY, duh! As in “Onward Christian Soldiers” and uniforms and ranks. I am not aware of any recent issues with the Salvation Army and minorities. Their current leader is an African-American Baptist and they’ve been doing outreach in South America and Africa since forever. I may be wrong, POP fill me in if I am, but I think they first reached out to the Zulu tribe in Africa right after the US Civil War- well into the 1800s. That’s hardly, you know, a white group staying white EVEN if it was related to colonial thinking- you can see the difference.

  • To Allison,

    Please don’t leave your clothes here – I live near this location and often it creates litter more than anything else. I’ve noticed on several occasions where there are clothes picked through and strewn on the sidewalk.

    If you want to donate Central Mission on 14th St takes EVERYTHING and they are awfully appreciative. You even get a receipt for tax purposes.

    So, please think twice about just leaving your clothes there.

    PoP: Maybe you could put a post or a list somewhere on the site where people can make donations??


  • The College for Officer Training campus for the Salvation Army is right down the street from my apartment here in Lakeview, Chicago… A vibrant gay neighborhood. They have high brick walls and iron fences around it and it makes me wonder if it is to keep us sinners out, or to prevent their recruits from joining in on the fun.

  • I want to donate clothes and receive a tax deduction, but this SA is always closed. any advice on where i should go. i live in petworth.

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