I’m Making New PoP T-Shirts For The Party Nov. 13 at Wonderland

Give me some suggestions as to the colors. Like last time they will be American Apparel in both men and women’s cut.

Check out this link for what I’m thinking. A bit more colorful than last time. I’m also thinking about green or yellow shirts but let me know your preferences.

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  • Front logos on the front Left chest are so last decade.

    Can you put the front logo in the center?

  • Please have some available in XL (it’s not that I’m big, I just like a looser fit).

  • this is what I am talking about 🙂

  • saf

    I like the front logo on the left and small. I’m also cool with just putting the tree on the front.

    So how about sleeveless, in fatchick sizes maybe? (Or at least big guy sizes? I can wear that too.)

  • The back of the shirt looks great, something about the front with the logo seems off. I think it might be the background color of the logo with the very square edges. On the shirt it looks more like a sticker just put on the shirt than it does a part of the shirt like the tree does. Maybe the logo designer could come up with the same logo but maybe just tweaked a tiny bit to make it flow for the shirt in the way that it flows with this website.

    But as is now, I would totally wear it! blue, green, yellow, pink, brown…

  • if you can match the t shirt color to the green of the frog, i think it would be great..also, i second the motion to move the front logo to middle of the chest

  • not a fan of the small front logo. it should be big and centered. and by the by – you might also want to consider orange shirts.

  • The Tree on the back should match the yellow background that sits behind the PoP frog and if it doesnt cost too much more you should absolutely spring for pocketed t-shirts, a cold PBR fits perfectly in one. (If you’re feelin sassy I would also suggest a V-neck pocketed t-shirt, flaunt that chest hair)

  • I like the centered logo version that christopher posted.

    Also, I admit that I would definitely get the v-neck version…

  • I’d go for the option of a shirt with either logo centered on the front. Alternatively, I like the tree on the front center, with the frog on the shoulder. I’m not really one for designs on the back of the shirt.

  • I like the frog logo, should be centered on the front of the t-shirt and agree that the yellows should match. And to Flipflopirate – you are just too funny…

  • Gracias

  • The back is great, the frog is off. maybe it’s that they don’t match style wise?

    I like the idea of centering the front logo, but i’d also consider losing the yellow background to the frog.

    Alternatively, you could use a mocked-up PoP sticker that you discussed a while ago – you know, the one that’s copying the MtP stickers based on those “where in Europe are you from?” stickers? then you can print some of those stickers and have the same image on cars around town.

  • I would proudly rock a PoP-frog decal. That being said, I dig the t-shirt design software they have, I can draw up a couple hundred different options that I won’t ever buy!

  • I am holding out hope for more of hipster look – maybe a tube top and/or tank that would show off my PBR accessory?

  • By PBR accessory do you mean beer-gut, because if so… I be accessorizing all up in this piece.

  • ooh! flipflop pirate! i think either the tube top or tank would nicely amplify your PBR gut, but you would need to wear the appropriate skin-tight jeans to really make a statement.

  • Skin tight jeans aren’t really my thing… skin tight overalls, now we’re talkin.

  • im not a fan of the navy and gold, especially not with the side logo on the front. its getting kind of busy with stripes, front and back designs…what about going green in the body, keep the stripes and v neck, but lose the front design (keeping the big beautiful tree on the back)

  • I think they should be green for the green line! or perhaps green with yellow trim as Petworth is occaisionally on the yellow line as well

  • @christopher, I can dig that… I’m a rugger, so I’m a sucker for tacky heavy cotton shirts. However, going your route I’d prefer to leave the tree and nothing else as the back design: Green with Yellow piping (thank you DCJonesy), V-neck, and a lone tree on the back… almost as if the design was an inside joke known only to the petworth faithful and a point of speculation for the rest of DC (much like our neighborhood).

  • as a VERY short term rugby guy (and a little longer lived soccer player), i can appreciate the costume/uniform look, but i think it only works when complimented by tight white canvas short shorts 😉

    your final idea sounds great… i didnt see green and yellow as a choice in the color combos though

  • Prince Of Petworth

    I have to put the logo somewhere…

  • If it’s an option, how about separating the words “Prince of Petworth” from the frog logo, so that it’s written all on one line (or maybe two) in a larger font either above or below the frog? (I was just looking at shirt options on Obama’s campaign site and they mostly use that kind of arrangement, aesthetically looks pretty good to me.)

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Flip flop – can you mock me up one that you were talking about?

  • Sure I can give it a whirl.

  • I would dig the frog on the shoulder as well or moved to the middle of the shirt, I am also not a fan of one sided logos. If in the middle, maybe make him a little bigger. And a sticker would be tits!

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