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  • Totally odd sign. I think it means their Public Offering Statement is not through DCRA or something. (You can’t take an actual contract on a condo that’s not a condo yet, but you can take a reservation.)

  • Yeah– they just don’t have approval through the city yet. But didn’t want to wait until later in the season, when it gets harder to sell a home.

  • Hey PoP readers..hippichickindc’s comment is accurate. I’m the listing agent, Jen Angotti. We had to put the “These units not for sale” sign up when the condo’s weren’t registered. Sadly, I’m not tall enough to pry it off the sign so it creates a lot of confusion. They ARE for sale. The condos have been registered, the condo docs have been approved and they’re about to issue the tax ids. So please stop by the Open on Sunday, 10/12 from 1:30-4 so you can check out the condos. The top unit has a roof deck that’s amazing!

  • Hi Jen! (Suzanne Des Marais with EYA Urban here.) The units look nice and big!

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