I Wonder Why It’s Dated – To Show How Long It’s Taken To Fix?


This was interesting protest sign. Not sure it’s helping that much if it is dated June 2007. So I guess now’s a good time to ask who’s the best company to use for homeowners or renters insurance? Has anyone ever had to claim their insurance? When my water pipe burst my insurance (All State) told me it wasn’t worth it to make a claim because the damage wasn’t that extensive. Hopefully you haven’t had to but if you have had to use a claim – how was your experience?

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  • Its when it was foreclosed on.

  • the house was not foreclosed on. The person who owns it wanted way more to rebuild after a fire than nationwide said it would take. court battle followed. Think they settled out of court recently. not sure.

  • USAA has been pretty good, if you’re eligible (which only requires that someone in your distant family tree was in the military). We’ve had to file a few claims over the last several years and all have been covered, minus our deductible. Claims have included water damage from both internal and external sources, and theft.

  • Bad experience with Nationwide. Our basement flooded due to a collapsed drainage pipe and heavy rain. To do the job right, we should have not only pulled up the carpet, but also replaced the drywall and interior doors. We called them for advice, and they said we had to file a claim to get their opinion. Of course, three denied claims and they cancel your policy. Yes, they denied the claim. Don’t remember why. I do remember the adjuster was super jerky and condescending and said “it’s complicated”. Anyhoo… we could only afford to replace the flooring, so now it smells musty ’cause I’m sure there’s mold in the walls.
    Luckily, our home warranty (best 500 bucks we spent that first year in the house) paid to repair the collapsed drain pipe, and we haven’t had any trouble since then.

  • I had to file a claim w/ Travelers after a first floor washing machine broke and decided the fill cycle should include part of the house. Had no problems getting them to accept a claim and pay for everything (minus deductable) including water cleanup, carpet pad replacement, drywall repair and hardwood floor refinishing. I would highly recommend them.

  • I second Animal Mother. If you can get USAA for your insurance they are great. I have them for my car and renter’s insurance. When my house was burglarized they were there. I just had to send them a list of the items taken and they wrote up a price quote. When we were all agreed on the amount the immediately put the money of the items into my account so I could replace them at my leisure. I didn’t have to buy the items with my own money first and send in receipts for reimbursement like some companies make you do.

  • I have travellers. They paid for about 1/3 of the total amount of work we needed done after ice got into our walls. they paid for stupid things like 100% of the painting but claimed the totally destroyed insulation was usable. It was completely destroyed! The adjuster was a jerk as well.

  • hysterical sign.

    My friends in Atlanta had a tree fall through their roof — they were newly married in their first home. I think State Farm was very generous b/c they ended up with a gorgeous 2nd story addition.

  • Another fan of USAA here. I’ve never (knock on wood) made a claim on our home owners insurance, but over the years, I’ve had a few renter’s insurance claims and auto claims. Compared to the horror stories I’ve heard about other insurance companies, they’ve always been very professional and dare I say- even nice.

    I’ve shopped around a few times too, to see if my rates were competitive and I’ve never found anything better. At the end of the year, the also often send premium refund checks depending on their financial status at the end of year, so that’s a nice little perk too.

    If you can qualify to be a member, I think its silly not to.

    PS- they have awesome banking service too. No ATM fees- ever (and they refund you on the fees that many ATM’s charge you at the point of use)!

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