I Didn’t Know Chocolate Stores Actually Existed


When I have asked what stores people would like to see in various locations I often hear a chocolate shop. Well, actually saw my first chocolate shop this weekend on Connecticut Avenue. I know people love their chocolate but it seems like lots of folks would have to buy lots of chocolate for a store to stay in business. So how much chocolate do you all eat? I’m not a huge fan but I respect those that are. Do people eat chocolate once a day, once a week? Are their any connoisseur out there who explain good chocolate from standard candy bars? What’s the best chocolate you’ve ever eaten and where’d you get it?

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  • There’s a local chocolate shop in Adams Morgan called Biagio (http://www.biagiochocolate.com/) that my boyfriend is constantly dragging me into. I’m not a huge fan of chocolate, but they have crazy combinations, like the absinthe infused dark chocolate. They have free samples, tastings, really nice owners, and always seem to be full on the weekends.

    I appreciate that it’s locally owned (unlike Godiva!)

  • There’s a chocolate shop across Connecticut from Godiva, called “Chocolate Chocolate”.

  • I thought that Biagio was in Dupont…well there is one in Dupont across from Lauriol Plaza. You go down stairs to this almost hidden shops and there it is. I like this kind by NewTree. They have really good combos and are sold at Biagio. The flaovrs Forgiveness (Dark Chocolate with Lemon) and Sexy (Dark Chocolate and Ginger) are so far my favorites!


  • And you’d be surprised on how busy those things get.

    As far as I can tell, the key to doing well in that biz
    – Retail space at the bottom of an office bldg with lots of fat execs and admins (ACKC needs to style itself as a Caribou/Starbucks/Tryst with chocolate if they want more traffic)

    – Selling candy by the piece/pound. No one buys a box of chocolates for 15 bucks, but they have no problem forking over 90 cents for 1 truffle.

    The Godiva kiosk in Macy’s @ Metro Center (it’s in the basement) doesn’t get the same business as those 2 others.

  • What about ACKC on 14th street near Q!

  • I took a chocolate tasting class at ACKC on 14th st. The owner seems like a pretty interesting and knowledgeable guy. They have some fun events if you get on their email list

    Has anyone tried Locolat in the that new shopping complex near Florida and U?

  • There’s ACKC on 14th St. http://www.thecocoagallery.com/ , which sells mostly their chocolate. My personal favorite is Biagio on 18th St. http://www.biagiochocolate.com/ which sells tons and tons of fancy chocolate. My fave bar I’ve ever eaten was a salt chocolate made by a shop in Cologne, but there’s two bars that I got from Biagio that I’ve loved lately including one of the ones made by Patric Chocolate (70%) and Taza Chocolate (80%… grainy but good).

    I eat a tiny bit every day. I’m a bit of a chocolate snob, but not like some people I know.

  • Support a local chocolatier:


  • Are you kidding?! There are a bunch of chocolate shops in the area now. Of course some of them are a bit more diversified, but chocolate is their mainstay: Godiva, Chocolate Chocolate, ACKC, Biagio, Coco Sala and another new one that opened just below Mint Gym.

  • Have you ever been in an airport? I think every airport on earth has a chocolate store.

  • It is always someone’s birthday, anniversary, holiday, etc., when chocolate is a pretty safe bet as a gift.

    Across from Chocolate Chocolate at Conn & K is another chocolate (and sundry gift & card) store, Chocolate Moose, I think – always made me think of this as the chocolate corner, akin to the Hammock District in the Simpsons-scorpio episode.

  • That is surprising, considering how much you walk around. There are quite a few chocolate shops in DC. The one on 14th Street, ACKC, is awesome. (Didn’t you even do a piece on them once)? There’s the one in Adams Morgan sort of across the street from Lauriel Plaza, there are a few downtown…. CHOCOLATE……… Now I’m distracted.

  • i sometimes have to wonder what rock you have lived under… chocolate stores? transformer art gallery? come on.

  • saf

    http://www.artisanconfections.com/ is the source of my favorite local chocolate.

  • Well, not to parse neighboorhoods, but in my opinion Biagio/Lauriol are between Adams Morgan and Dupont, so it’s pretty arbritary.

  • POP is the Forest Gump of DC Retail. We love all the photos, but for those of us who drive to 5 or 6 places in a given weekend, uhhh… yeah, we know.

    DC Chocolate is a fraction of what other cities like Philadelphia, SF or NYC offer. DC candy is sadly lame compared to almost any other city! At least we’ve got good cupcakes.

  • With the exception of one or two chocolate businesses mentioned, DC lacks true artisanal chocolate “shops” or salons like those you would find in any other cosmopolitan city like Paris or NYC. So, in this sense, I agree with PoP. To be a RESELLER of chocolate or to sell gimmicky chocolate wares is very different from being a chocolatier who actually creates and strives everyday to perfect her/his craft so that it may be enjoyed by connossieurs. He/she is not simply a purveyor of a commodity. There are those, like myself, who are dedicated to the craft of chocolate making and adamant about not bringing to market anything other than the best quality chocolate – i.e., no preservatives. I would encourage chocolate lovers in DC to search out and sample the chocolate creations of local/DC chocolatiers like http://www.thecacaotree.com. I guarantee you’ll taste the difference between what is made with passion and soul and what is not.

  • I am blessed with regular trips to Europe, esp. Switzerland, where heavenly chocolate abounds. Last year for Halloween I gave out about 30 full Swiss chocolate bars. Two kids came back a week later to thank me.

  • Gadzooks…I get so tired of responses like some of the above….”well D.C. may have this but they are far lacking in blah blah blah….” It always happens. People are always quick to point out how much better/more stuff there is in other cities…Please remember people that D.C. might be our nation’s capital, but it is much smaller (size and population wise) than many, many, many other cities. We’re doing the best we can here.

  • Rodman’s on upper Wisconsin Avenue carries a wide variety of imported chocolates at very reasonable prices.

  • I buy from Neuhaus (Belgium chocolate store). They are a bit pricer than Godiva, but worth the price.

  • “It is always someone’s birthday, anniversary, holiday, etc., when chocolate is a pretty safe bet as a gift.”

    There are a few of us who aint so crazy about chocolate. If I am getting a food related gift make it liquor or french fries or both!

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