How Cool? An Old School Renault Apparently Straight From the Old Country

DSCN3464, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

This was a bizarre find on 15th Street. It appears to be a legit workman’s truck straight from France. More angles after the jump.



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  • Mais non! That’s not a Renault, sir, that is a Citroen! It’s a version of the legendary “Deux Chevaux”, one of the most charmingly crappy cars ever built.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Oh damn! Citroen indeed. My bad.

  • I can’t imagine the hassles involving customs/DOT and then trying to register a vehicle like that in this city. Oh, just noticed it has Maryland plates – that explains some of it. I once was told by DMV here that I couldn’t register a certain motorcycle even though I had a title, etc., because the make and model of the vehicle wasn’t in their database. Eventually I convinced her it was all good and she just picked another make that sounded similar – gotta love the DMV. That Citroen is in great shape for its age though.

  • last time i was at the dmv (the second or third time that day, ugh), one of the clerks threw a hand in a ladies face and yelled ‘JESUS JESUS JESUS!’ at her. when she asked for the manager and explained the situation, the manager told her that she did in fact sound like she needed some religion …it was pretty magical 🙂

    just as an aside, the lady was not being very lady like, and the clerk was relatively calem with her, as i would have probably punched her in the throat. this comment was meant more as a testament to the unorthodox practices of the dmv rather than a gripe on their incompetence, of which there are many stories to be shared.

  • While the vehicle is old, the paintjob is new. France didn’t start putting the regional prefix (01 for Paris) on their phone numbers til relatively recently. When I lived there 10 years ago or so, it was 8 digit local dialing.

  • These funny little cars are amazing. I remember when I lived in Paris a good while ago and was learning French that the cars is called a deux chevaux, meaning 2 horses. I got to learn the irregular plural of cheval (horse) is chevaux. And it means that the car has 2 horsepower. I remember not knowing how many horsepower most cars had, yet I figured most had a lot more than this little thing. When I left France, I thought I’d never see one of those cars again, except in the movies.

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