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I’m pretty sure this is a recent renovation. I think it looks good. Especially digging the wrap around balcony and porch.

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  • siding to go with the old brick? meh.

  • is this a photochop?

    where is this house located?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    What’s a photochop? It is located on Taylor near Georgia Ave.

  • Like the idea of wrap around deck and porch but the iron railing doesn’t do it. Especially for the widow’s walk. Also thumbs down on the siding.

  • I am assuming it is the largest house on the block now – which could be a problem when they go to sell.

    I am trying to figure out if this was once the back, the side, or front of the house (it looks like the front now but can’t totally tell. With that much demo and that much building I wonder why they didn’t just tear the old one down. It looks a bit hodge-podgy.

    Heck it looks like they created a duplex – which accounts what the new siding doesn’t match the bit at the top of the older part of the structure.

  • Nice size and the porch is nice, but it gives me a sense of ‘Petworth in the back, Ocean City in the front’.

  • I’ve never been so thrilled to see a house get renovated as this one. It was pretty much a thug hangout, and in May 2007 there was a homicide on the street in front. It was a wood-sided house, but so covered by overgrown trees and shrubs that you couldn’t see the house at all. I would be willing to bet the original siding was totally rotten and had to be replaced.

    This house was on the market for $350K for ages but finally sold for $215K. Needless to say I think they’re going to get their money back – especially given its just across Georgia from the future Yes Organic Market.

    BTW, I would be pretty sure this house was built as a duplex, not converted into one. The house on the left looks like it’s covered in formstone, which was probably also added at a later date than the original construction.

    I give it a huge thumbs up – turning a house that seemed uninhabitable into a beautiful (and huge) home!

  • I know this house well, drug-dealing and a murder occured in the yard very recently; it was literally falling down. The siding was a good option considering the condition, the crappy faux stone siding on the other half is the problem, look closer IMGoph it’s not old brick. Hopefully the owners of the other half will act and make some needed improvements. The renovation is flawless, if not everyone’s style, but workmanship and attention to detail showed a lot of commitment by the new owner who plans to move in soon with his young family. MPinDC there is no widow’s walk on this house, a widow’s walk is a roof-top perch with low spindled rails, usually in a square or rectangle. And finally ET, it IS and WAS a duplex with side entrances (hope that doesn’t jar you too much), there was no “demo” on the exterior, they followed the exact lines and design of the facade. The only thing hodge-podgy is the moronic and presumptuous string of responses above, stop hatin’ on peoples homes guys, especially when they are making investment in your neighborhood. I live three doors down and they are cool people.

  • My house is a 1/2 block from this one – seeing this post got me to search my email archive – here’s what happened here 18 months ago below. I absolutely love what they are doing to this house.

    The email at the bottom is my original one to the MPD listserve. I spent half that night peering out my window at all the police cars, ambulances, fire trucks swarming the area. BTW they have never arrested anyone.

    With the sale and renovation of this house, and the eviction of the drug nuisance house on the 700 block of Taylor, this area has totally turned around – the difference is night and day.

    “Burton, Hilton \(MPD\)”
    Homicide in 800 block of Taylor Street NW. Message List
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    Last night, a little before midnight, officers from the Fourth District heard the sounds of gunshots in the area of Georgia Avenue and Taylor Street NW. Officers canvassed the area and found a black male in the alley rear of
    816 Taylor Street NW suffering from gunshot wounds to his upper body. This case is being investigated as a homicide. At this time we do not have any lookouts or suspect information. We ask that anyone having information on this case please give us a call on 202-727-9099. Thank you.

    what happened at 8th & Taylor on Saturday night? Message List
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    A little before midnight last night I heard 8 gunshots and a few minutes later saw a firetruck and ambulance pull up to the entrance to the alley behind the ROC at 801 Shepherd, which was marked off with yellow police tape. About 30 minutes later I heard what sounded like gunshots again. Was anyone hurt? Any idea who did this?

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