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  • love it – where was this? upper NW?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Upper Cleveland Park. I actually passed it on a walk last week and it took me, literally, 2 hours of walking in circles before I found it again this weekend. Glad it was worth finding!

  • Amazing on the outside. I’d love to see some pics from inside.

  • very cool traditional 50s/early 60s modern…

  • very cool. nice to see a bit of frank lloyd wright here in dc.

  • no idea what street? i love this house a lot. i’m betting the back is a wall of glass with amazing view of the mature trees.

    we need to take up a collection to get you a digicam with a GPS receiver so you can geotag your pictures PoP!

  • The minute I saw this house I thought about my parents. Then I read the posts that the house was vintage 50s or 60s. That explains why it made me think of my parents. Back in the day, we’d go and visit friends of theirs, maybe who lived in houses similar to this.

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