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Totally modern next a more traditional rowhome. For some reason I feel like it has a bit of a Mediterranean flavor. You dig it?

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  • Awful. It’s right up the road from me. The driveway and garage and totally inappropriate for DC…

  • Love it, except the way its set back further than the neighboring houses just to get more parking. Seems overkill given that they have the carage as well.

  • blech, blech, blech. looks like a mini Motel 6.

  • Very Los Angeles!

    We need more houses like this! It would solve the off-street parking shortage problem.

  • What is with these fake balconies? I see them all over the place, where they put in a glass door, but then put in a guard rail. Why not either just put in windows, or actually build a balcony? I don’t get the aesthetic of glass door cage. Other than that I do like the bright simplicity of this design.

  • I like the design of it, but don’t like the curb cut and the front lawn parking.

    The close front porch and the continuous building front of the rest of the row creates a great neighborhood feel, and the planted front yard can be beautiful. Instead the front of this house is a denatured parking lot. The cars can now be parked in the middle of the sidewalk, impeding pedestrian flow.

    Given that the curb cut takes away one street space, the net gain in parking is only 1 space, while detracting greatly from the quality of the public space. If it’s true there’s a garage in the back, what a shame.

  • Sadly, the people who live here often park a third car in the front driveway, and block the sidewalk. Our street is very busy with foot traffic, and with an elementary school down the street, families are often forced to walk in the street when that third car is parked there. Isn’t that illegal or something?

  • Looks like a mini-jail

  • Don’t allow them to park in the way of the sidewalk without voicing your concern. Egging, dumping of soft drinks, even punching are all good ways to get your point across, in my humble opinion.

  • ugh, this is horrible! curb cuts ruin the flow of the street, and take away public parking only for the benefit of the owner of that house. it’s selfishness at its worst.

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